Groza – A Supreme AR In PUBG

Groza – A Supreme AR In PUBG

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Groza is the top AP in PUBG?

Enjoy PUBG the game and you can explore a lot of matches with hundreds of thousands of opponents from around the world. Because it is based on the Battle Royale genre, the winner will be the last standing man. So, choosing a weapon that can protect and destroy the enemy effectively is an important way. In which, Groza is a gun that you can trust and use it to head to the final victory.

Introduction to PUBG Groza

Among the current PUBG weapons, Groza is considered a formidable assault rifle type. You can find them in Air Drops only.

Basically, it is a bullpup AKM. It is known as Thunderstorm or Terror and for good reason – assembling the raw stopping power of 7.62mm ammo, along with an intense rate of fire only seen in the smaller caliber AR.

PUBG Groza gun will cause damage like the AKM and have the second-highest rate of fire of every AR, only bested by the M16A4. If you get a Groza in the final stages of the match, you can end up the challenge and win.

Drawback of PUBG Groza

Whilst Groza could be overpowered or one of the best PUBG weapons, it also contains a major weak point. Actually, its reload time lasts for 3 seconds while deploying a dry reload.

Drawback of PUBG Groza
Drawback of PUBG Groza

So, you are recommended to observe the surroundings and perform the new magazine in the gun if you feel safe. Quickdraw magazines will assist you to minimize that long reloading time.

Other downsides of PUBG Groza guide include its inability to receive any foregrips of any kind, with any telescopic sights that are more powerful than a 6x scope. The only muzzle attachment that it can accept is a suppressor.

Drawback of PUBG Groza

They are flaws that just to represent the possibility of Groza. You should utilize Groza when there are less than 10 people alive. You can take advantage of the long reload time to approach the target, kill them. They must have no a backup weapon like a Saiga-12K.

A Groza can inflict maximum damage out to 80 meters, reducing to the minimum at 490 meters.

Attachments of PUBG Groza

The following PUBG Groza guide for accessories is not complicated.


  • Extended Mag (AR, DMR, S12K)
  • Extended QuickDraw Mag (AR, DMR, S12K) – the best
  • QuickDraw Mag (AR, DMR, S12K)


  • Suppressor (AR, DMR, S12K)


  • 2x Aimpoint Scope
  • 3x Backlit Scope
  • 4x ACOG Scope
  • 6x Scope
  • Holographic Sight
  • Red Dot Sight

By observing the current topic of PUBG Groza gun and through your own personal experience in PUBG, you can decide to answer the question for yourself. Groza is really a good item, isn’t it? Why don’t you share this information with your friends and embark on the game to make it more popular?

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