Best Shotguns in PUBG And How To Use Them Smartly

Best Shotguns in PUBG And How To Use Them Smartly

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With PUBG Shotgun Tips, you will definitely know how to make use of the shotguns in combat to get an edge over your opponents. Besides learning PUBG Guides on gameplay, it is also important to get access to the weapons guides so you can have a better grasp of all guns that you use during combat, especially the shotguns. Once you have learned about them, you will have a higher chance of winning!

Shotguns can be considered as the most popular weapon type not only in PUBG but also in other FPS games. There is a long PUBG Shotguns list featuring many kinds of shotguns. You are advised to know all of them, from pros and cons so you can pick ones that suit your play style in PUBG. You may find it hard to pick one from the PUBG Weapons list, but with the guide below here, detailing all types of shotguns, you will know what guns are the best for you.

Best Shotguns in PUBG And How To Use Them Smartly

Types of all PUBG Shotguns and how to use them wisely

There are many types of shotguns featured in PUBG game. The shotguns will be a great pick for the early stages of the game. These tips and tricks on how to use PUBG Shotguns smartly below here will help you get an upper hand on other players.

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Sawed-Off is a unique shotgun that allows you to bring a pistol and saw simultaneously. However, Sawed-Off has a disadvantage which is that it doesn’t carry more bullets than other guns (only 8 for every shot). Also, the bullet of Sawed-Off is not as strong as other common bullets. Even worse, the bullet’s disperse is not as good as other usual shotguns. Only when you stay next to your foe, you will be able to deal massive damage to him. You are recommended to shoot two bullets when using this weapon as soon as possible and then quickly change to a real gun for the damage increase.

Sawed-Off Shotguns in PUBG


S12K is a semi-automatic gun, and for this reason, you can only attack foes at close range using S12K. But when you equip the gun with an extended magazine, it can be more than a flare gun. If you are in a close-range battle and trying to blow up all foes, then S12K will be the best choice for you. You can kill them all before using up all ammo.

S12K Shotguns in PUBG
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S1987 is yet another shotgun that you can use to deal huge damage to enemies and this gun can even help you fire a big shot. But, the fire rate of S1897 is not as high as other shotguns, so you must be very cautious with the shots because you will not have another chance to shoot again.

S1897 Shotguns in PUBG


S686 is a shotgun that is able to carry two bullets, which is the same as Sawed-Off. The shooting rate of S686 is much faster than S12K, but it shares the firepower with the S1897. You should dash in combat fast and quickly shoot at opponents, which is the perfect way to use S686. In case you miss the two bullets, you have to sprint faster and at the same time, try to reload the gun because you probably cannon get through after you haven’t succeeded in shooting opponents.

S686 Shotguns in PUBG

Now, you may have had a better grasp of all PUBG Shotguns and how to use them smartly. Keep in mind that every shotgun in the game has its own features, pros and cons to use. You should choose the suitable shotguns that fit your play style for better results and more victories in combat. Hopefully, the guide on how to use PUBG Shotguns smartly will help you conquer enemies more easily.

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