Releasing PUBG Update #29 With Brand New Features And Major Changes

Releasing PUBG Update #29 With Brand New Features And Major Changes

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The latest update of the famous survival game – PUBG is finally out. PUBG Update 29 promises to bring more changes and new things to all the fans. In this update, the PUBG dev team made some changes to the Vikendi map, Flare Gun, as well as upgraded some game image with UI that gamers have been waiting for a long time. With PUBG new weapons and features, the PUBG gameplay will be much better!

What’s new in PUBG Update 29?

Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card

There are some changes in terms of time, and here are the detailed results:

  • Ending date:
    • Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card will meet its end on June 5 (when the server maintenance is done)
    • The gamers will be given a period of time to receive their prizes from the coupon shop, which is until June 26.
    • The remaining time of Survivor Pass will automatically appear when there are two last weeks left.
  • Result announcement:
    • When Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card comes to its conclusion, players of PUBG game can check the results again and other details relating to prizes, ranks, as well as missions in the summary page.
    • You can open the Mission tab to check the percentage of achievement you have completed, with some categories: Daily, Weekly, Beginner, Premium.
    • When you open the Reward tab, you can easily check the total number of prizes you have received.
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General Gameplay

Below here are big changes and are regarded as things that gamers have been waiting for a long time

Balance the Vikendi map once again

  • Blue zone adjustments
  • Safezone areas will be placed in different locations to be more suitable.
  • The waiting time in the blue zone is also decreased.
  • The time length for the whole map is also reduced to about 90 seconds.
  • Made an adjustment on the vehicle spawning rate (for Snowbike and Snowmobile only)
  • Made an adjustment on the loot spawning rate (more items can be attacked at an average distance and a farther distance)
    • The spawning rate of AR is increased by 1,4%
    • The spawning rate of DMR is increased by 2%
    • The spawning rate of SR is increased by 7%
    • The spawning rate of Attachment is also increased
    • Decreased the spawning rate of SMG, Shotgun, and Pistol
  • Made a balance to the dropping rate of items on the whole map
  • Added new supplies to the secret caves.
  • Added new weapons and attachments, such as MK47 Mutant, Halfgrip, Thumpgrip, and Laser Sight, while wiping out Win94 and R45.
  • Made some changes to the Moonlight weather effect.

General changes

  • It is impossible to throw bombs through all kinds of wire mesh
  • Added Tactical Map Markers for every special emergency. Follow the steps below if you want to use it:
    • Open the World Map
    • Click and hold the right mouse to open the option Menu
    • Select the tactical notification that you want to use then release it
  • Each player can only place one Tactical Map Marker at a time and have to wait for a while if they want to use it for the next time (avoiding spam).
  • The tactical notification system in this action includes:
    • Attack
    • Danger
    • Defend
    • Loot
    • Regroup
    • Vehicle
  • Added a notification when throwing grenades (high or low)
  • Made some parachuting UI improvements
  • Made some Flare Gun UI improvements:
    • Made a change to the Flare Gun crosshair to show as a circle so that the airplane can pick the accurate position for dropping care package.
    • Made a change to the Flare Gun status UI displayed after summoning a Special Care Package.
    • The green flashing light is wiped out now instead of maintaining in 30 seconds before dropping down like before.
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Custom Match

Added Spawn Kit Selection option when creating the maps in War Mode, War Mode: Conquest and Normal Mode in Custom Matches.

There are some Spawn Kit options for you:

  • War Mode, War mode: Conquest:
    • Original kits:
      • AR
      • Shotguns
      • SMG
      • Western
      • Overpower
      • Handguns
    • Utility Kits:
      • Assault: M416, R1895, Level 1 Helmet & Vest, Ammo, Bandages
      • Medic: UMP, Sawed-off, Level 3 Helmet & Vest, Ammo, First Aid Kit, Med kit, Painkiller, Adrenaline Syringe, Critical Response Kit
      • Support: S12K, Scorpion, Level 2 Helmet & Vest, Ammo, Grenade, Bandages, Mechanic’s Toolbox
      • Scout: Kar98K, P18C, Level 1 Helmet & Vest, Ghillie Suit, Ammo, Bandages
Custom Match
  • Battle Royale:
    • Standard Kits:
      • Handguns
      • Shotguns
    • Utility Kits:
      • Battle Kit: Crossbow
      • Survival Kit: Adrenaline Syringe, Pan
      • Armor Kit: level 1 Helmet & Vest
      • Support Kit: Critical Response Kit, Mechanic’s Toolbox
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New equipment and maps

In Custom mode:

  • Critical Response Kit: Helps revive teammates faster
  • Mechanic’s Toolbox: Can repair vehicles while in vehicles.

In War Mode: Conquest:

  • Added Camp Jackal map (Training Mode Map) for War Mode: Conquest in Custom Matches.

Upgraded observer feature:  

  • Kick and Report buttons will be designed with separate icons.
  • Improved the UI screen to show the damage parameter.
New equipment and maps


Store Item Preview:

  • Items are divided into three categories for a better view.
  • Can be zoomed out to observe
  • While previewing, players can equip or unequip items.
  • Unable to look through walls like before

Other bug fixes

  • Fixed a lot of problems with the vehicle crash, slipping as well as the loss of steering
  • Bullets could go through a wall
  • Fixed a problem in which healing items are unable to use while the character is still holding a weapon or a grenade
  • Fixed the sounds when equipping, changing weapons, or adding more supplies for guns.
  • Fixed some bugs when playing on the Sanhok map.
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