PUBG Season 2 – Distribute Rewards To Players And Punish RoC Violators When

PUBG Season 2 – Distribute Rewards To Players And Punish RoC Violators When

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Survival Title System Season 2 in PUBG game came to its termination on March 20. The PUBG team sincerely sent their big thank to all the ones who partook in that awesome event, and they also didn’t forget to congratulate to players who could gain a rank of Novice V (1000 SP) or even higher. When you log in, your season reward(s) will be sent to you!

Now, let’s say hi to “Survival Title System Season 3” which is now live with the brand new end of season rewards as well as extra rewards given to the players when they achieve each new title. You should explore all the new rewards in the game right under the “Season” tab and don’t forget to check out more details about the new season in PUBG Update #27 – Test Server Update

Most of the players joining Season 2 played so hard and fair in order to obtain their rewards at the end of the season, however, there were still a small number of participants who misused the system to obtain a higher rank and more rewards in an unfair way. The development team doesn’t take serious action to solve this issue this time, instead, they will wipe out all the end of season rewards from the players who were found to be misusing the system, in accordance with PUBG’s Rules of Conduct. A permanent prohibition will be given to the players found to be cheating!

The list of participants of Survival Title Season 2 found to be misusing the system

52HzWh**** KS_-Xiao**** ks-Sa****
QIETV_10**** Ks_Tv_**** KsTv_ya****
L1nz** KS_TV_**** KsTv_2055****
openhearted**** kstv—qing**** Mar****
KS_Pa**** LadyLuc**** HuYa_He****
ks_QingSho**** AnMuXiSuan**** Huya-GTq****
KSVT-D0ng**** sss**** KuaiSh0uTv-y****
KSTV_Le**** O_Seven**** KsTv-Laow****
KSKAI**** KsTv_z**** kstv_qingsho****
KsTv—Langy**** LaoWu**** DianMiao-Le****
MayBe**** Au-****
xc-9** FASAO****
LDH_L1**** QieTV-1****
KSTV__Na**** KS-Le****
  • Penalty: All Survival Title Season 2 end of season rewards will be removed
    • The reward removal will start on March 29

This is just the first step that the development team of PUBG game takes in order to punish the players abusing the system to earn more rewards and get the upper hand on other participations who played fair. If there are more serious violations against the Rules of Conduct that are found, extra measures will be taken and applied.

The PUBG team will be carrying out extra measures to make sure that Survival Title System Season 3 will have further fair gameplay and the abuse will be completely stopped. In addition, they will keep improving the monitoring of misconduct, which includes the sale and employment of unauthorized programs

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