PUBG Patch Notes Update #27a

PUBG Patch Notes Update #27a

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Patch Notes Update #27a for PUBG PC available!

Actually, it’s easy to witness big differences in PUBG from previous updates, comprising another map, Level 4 armor, and so on.

After a series of the recent balance patches, the development team got more interested in creating much bigger changes added to PUBG. They declared to work hard and build up the most realistic Battle Royale experience as possible. And now, they show their effort.

New Map: The Moon

Along with the Moonlight weather designed for Vikendi in PUBG PC, they seriously track down that mode’s working ability and how it effects on players. After a certain period of time, they could realize that it was the full moon itself that really attracted their fans. The upcoming activity that they carried out gradually set off clear. Are you ready to discover the next amazing PUBG playfield on a strange surface? Here is the list of items in the current section.

  • The Moon Map – The largest battleground in PUBG Download to date at over 3,476 square kilometers!

New Map: The Moon

  • Feature: Zero G, in which, every character will not take fall damage when they are roaming throughout the Moon. Furthermore, the jump height and your duration will be boosted by 10x when you are staying there. In case you are attacked with heavy-hitting weapons like melee or shotguns, you will be thrown for a couple of meters at a slow pace.
  • When you move on the Moon, you will leave footprints.
Footprints The Moon

  • The Moon in PUBG steam will not go with any weather cycles. However, it can be seen or immerse into the shadow, based on the side that you appear on.
  • Boost gauge and boost items will be taken the place with oxygen tanks. Therefore, it’s essential to stock up some so as not to die from lack of air.
  • New Moon Exclusive Vehicle: Moon Rover. In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, rovers are considered an important means to survive longer due to you will be required to conquer a great distance before you approach the safe area.

The developer felt satisfied when editing the boundaries of your Battle Royale game with the Moon. Do not skip following Survivor Pass: Cosmonaut (coming soon) if you are a person who loves to play in that field!


Players in PUBG pc download can enjoy a completely different state of satisfaction.

  • A revenge bomb will spawn as loot. Especially, it can be searched across every map in PUBG PC Download Free. Not only that, that explosive can be saved in your inventory and you will detonate it when you find somebody opening your deathbox. You are able to establish a pre-recorded message to use after the bomb is triggered.
  • An exclusive weapon reserved for Vikendi in PUBG PC: Squirt Gun. The foes struck by that firearm will be damaged slowly as they are frostbite and hypothermia.
  • The squad size is improved. It rises up to a maximum of 20. The Stretch Limousine and Party Bus can move your whole team.
  • Level 4 helmets can be selected in PUBG PC – Get fully resistant to bullets and significantly decreased screen visibility
Helmet Is Put On Your Head Like That In PUBG


It is a crucial part of updates of PUBG pc download free, especially Update 27a.

  • The developers supplemented an option for “Winner Winner Tofu Dinner” for vegetarian and vegan players.
  • Depend on the dedicated progress of many people the “Wadu Hek” is a language option easy to be used.
  • They cooperated with WackyJacky101 to introduce a welcome message in the game’s lobby. The sound in PUBG PC will be switched on globally when someone loads in. The development group wished that your mood would get better if you were greeted.

Skins and Cosmetics

Although they are accessories, they can help you advance in PUBG faster.

  • A smart algorithm has been included in social channels delaying chocoTaco items by one week when the developer is requested.

Gameplay Changes

They will cause some influence on those who involve in PUBG PC.

  • To strongly increase the survival element in PUBG, frying pans can be selected to cook food. A win condition using the pan has been recently added. You can scavenge resources and prepare your own Chicken Dinner to triumph over the match in an instant without being the last standing man.
  • Boosts in PUBG can result in a stacking % chance to make you undergo a heart attack.
    • Energy Drink: 2%
    • Painkillers: 10%
    • Adrenaline: 25%
  • A scooter accident will cause physical pain or injuries to your arms.

Gameplay Features

There is plenty of stuff that you can encounter in PUBG Download. They are:

  • The animations and AI have attached to the dinosaurs in Dino Park on Vikendi.
  • Everybody will begin the round with a cell phone in the inventory. You can deploy the phone to test PUBG Mobile wherever such as whilst camping in houses or waiting for the location. That equipment will be utilized to take selfies and post to social media accounts connected.
Gameplay Features

  • It’s not difficult to look for wildlife in PUBG!
    • Erangel: Grizzly Bears
    • Miramar: Jaguars
    • Sanhok: Giant Pythons
    • Vikendi: Yeti
    • The Moon: Wizards
    • Training Camp: WackyJacky101
  • You can single out staying in the aircraft and flying back to civilization if you do not want to rush into bloody matches of PUBG PC.
  • Pistols can be equipped with a 15x scope.
  • Have Step Counter integration in PUBG – Steps will be counted towards your daily total.
  • Have the full auto mode to SR weapons – Weapons below will be changed:
    • Kar98k
    • M24
    • AWM

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