PUBG Dev Letter: Patch 27 Gameplay Balance

PUBG Dev Letter: Patch 27 Gameplay Balance

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Patch 27 with gameplay balance for PUBG PC

Patch # 27 of PUBG pc game download was kicked off on the Test Server. It contains many differences such as the MP5K SMG, Survivor Pass 3 and improvements to the Survival Title System for Season 3. Furthermore, the development team balanced the gameplay again.

Update #27 is the initial major balance patch of 2019. It is used to develop PUBG free download and keep it from getting outdated. The goal of developers is to roll out a pretty big balance patch once per quarter so that they can bring back various gaming experiences and refreshing their game. Here is the list of some changes within Patch 27.

Aim Punch

In PUBG PC, it is a kind of camera shake which will be controlled by getting hit and sometimes counterbalances your aim point. It will imitate the vivid effect when being attacked by a bullet can have on your target. Along with the player’s feedback and analysis of the dev. group, they determined to modify it and generate less influence on gameplay while still preserving the result to some degree.

Currently, you or other participants in PUBG game install in PC can adjust the intention and search for their victim sooner. You can recognize fewer cases involved in aim punch which would cause failure the whole fight just due to you were struck first, leading to shaking your entire auto burst away from someone. Indeed, that problem is finally lessened by around 50%. Nevertheless, note that aim punch penalties will be tougher if you are not equipping with armor. Try to memorize it, especially if your helmet or vest is broken!


About the present section, the dev. team of PUBG official site for pc opted for a way to carry out some activities in order to lower the loot clutter during the match. After Patch #27, Pistols with SMGs will connect to the identical accessories to decrease the total attachments in the loot area. That adjustment will arrive with a larger number of AR and SR ones appearing in the world map. With those lines, shotgun and bullet loops are put together into one single object which can be deployed on shotguns and sniper rifles. It is simple to look for that type, particularly whilst you want to place it on the Kar98k or lever-action rifle.

Because many items are discarded from PUBG full download free windows 10, the developers enhanced the quantity of the materials spawned to refill that space. Despite the sum is scattered evenly across all other artifacts, some of them are more highly liked got a bigger amount of increase, for instance, ARs, health packs, power-ups, and equipment. Exceptions to that modification comprise Level 3 Helmets with Flare Guns. They can strongly make playing PUBG games free download on pc different. The objective of the dev. crew is to offer a good adventure by adding primary resources while keeping products having an enormous transform on gameplay to the identical level.


They are always crucial parts of fights, specifically in PUBG free download. They have been evolved.

Actually, SMGs can create more damage to the enemy’s limbs. It is implemented to upgrade the short range power. Meanwhile, sniper rifles can produce significant damage to the body. They are able to slay someone unarmored with one shot.

The quality of 2 submachine guns including Vector and UMP has been modified, too. They will become more accurate in PUBG PC Download when being triggered. The usability of the Vector is made better with a larger magazine capacity. Although its damage ability is brought down to 31, it can launch up to 33 rounds rapidly with an extended magazine. Therefore, long bursts with a Vector can be handled easier.

Eventually, a cool tactical stock attachment has been mixed with the Mutant and M16A4 so they can be chosen as “tapping weapons”.

First Aid Kits

Join PUBG pc game download and do not skip them!

Healing will occur for 2 seconds instead of regaining 75% health after the use timer. It is harder to re-engage a target if you have recently selected a treat. Thus, it is best to take a good cover before you prepare for restoring your health. If you are chasing a competitor who is in the same situation, you can move toward and eliminate him easily while he is waiting to recover.

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