PUBG Consoles: Introducing ‘Featured Map’ Selection System And More Details About Dev Update

PUBG Consoles: Introducing ‘Featured Map’ Selection System And More Details About Dev Update

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PUBG Console version is going to experience some upcoming fixes that were done for some critical issues that players have been experiencing while playing. If you usually play PUBG PS4/ PUBG Xbox One, you should take a look at these fixes for better gameplay performance. But before diving into the fixes, let the PUBG dev team send their big thanks to all the gamers who have spent giving their feedback, submitting various bug reports as well as continuing to show their love towards PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game.

Hot fixes in PUBG PS4/Xbox One


Throughout the early phase of PUBG game looting, there have been lots of gamers going through hitches and freezing. But luckily, these two bugs were finally fixed by the dev team.

A hotfix was released on April 25, 7 PM PDT/ April 26, 4 AM CEST in order to address this problem. Once again, the PUBG development team wants to send a big thank to all people who spent their time sending reports, feedback, and video. Thanks to all the fans’ stuff, the development team finally succeeded in looking into this issue.


Rending is another problem that has been solved by the PUBG team. The team has spent their time upgrading rendering as well as world loading for a quite amount of time. However, the issue has become very complicated to handle because of large amounts of data needed for calculating on all PUBG maps.

Decreasing the data size of all PUBG maps will be the current solution to this problem, which helps decrease loading times to a faster rate. With this optimization, the PUBG dev team hopes to enhance loading speed, which will create fewer “playdough” architecture as well as more fully rendered constructions.

Watch the PUBG video below to explore more about the optimization enhancements made by the development team:

These alterations can be anticipated carrying out soon because the optimizations to all PUBG Live servers will be scheduled to start by the month of May. The PUBG dev team truly wants all players to earn themselves the best gaming experience possible on all PUBG maps. Therefore, this is a high priority for them and the solutions are regarded as the initial step to keep upgrading rendering and optimization.

Map Selection

With the appearance of PUBG Vikendi, the way that the players could choose maps has been altered. Thanks to this chance, a lot of community feedback on all various channels has been sent to the development team, telling them that the change was not loved by players much. Due to this, some planned changes have been discussed.

Simply speaking, there are plenty of various ways to play PUBG game on PC ,PS4 and Xbox One (including four maps, two perspectives, as well as various regions), therefore, the dev team has prioritized on keeping your desire balanced for jumping into a map on-demand with the necessity to lessen matchmaking times to the least possible. Internally, the team has been looking into some methods to enhance the map selection for both PUBG PC and Console. There have not been any decisions on the best long-term course of action yet, but the team has made a decision on moving forward with the alterations for the PUBG Console players based on the recommendations and feedback of the players.

‘Featured Map’ selection system


  • Featured Map – Currently Vikendi
  • Standard – Currently Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok
  • Quick Match


  • Featured Map – Modifies periodically between Sanhok and Erangel
  • Standard – Remaining maps
  • Quick Match

PUBG Sanhok will become the initial featured map. All players should stay tuned and watch out for PUBG Erangel that is going to be added to the game when the forthcoming loot balance changes for consoles are released.

Now, you can get access to the new Featured Map System with the hotfix released on April 25, 7 PM PDT /April 26, 4 AM CEST.

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