A Letter From PUBG Dev: Upgrading Rustle/Rattle Sounds

A Letter From PUBG Dev: Upgrading Rustle/Rattle Sounds

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The PUBG’s sounds made by the movement of a character experienced an upgrade. As you know, the gameplay balance has received multiple updates, particularly the ones that were out in the latest patch (Patch 27), and this time, the in-game sounds were also improved. The PUBG dev team said that they made a lot of changes on the Rustle/Rattle sounds, also, they would like to give some before-and-after examples so that all players can have a better grasp of it.

Previous sounds made by the movement of a character

The development team of PUBG game wants to make the sounds much more interesting so that all in-game elements become more realistic. Before making changes, when a player was dashing at a fast speed using the shift key, a stable and huge amount of Rustle/Rattle sounds were created by that person. To be more specific, see the example below:

From the video, the action of the character generated a lot of rustling sounds, even before attaching any equipment. However, there were still several situations that the character didn’t create the rustling sounds when he/she walked at a low speed.

An alteration was made in order to fix the sounds to become more natural so as to simulate these situations more realistically while making sure the gameplay will not be influenced. Furthermore, some methods have been researched on with the purpose of improving the movement sounds of the players, and this will be a section of these changes.

The character movement sounds got improved

You can check out the general upgrades created by the dev team to make the Rustle/Rattle sounds in PUBG game much better:

  • Rustle/Rattle sounds will be emitted by only weapons and backpacks.
    • There are no Rustle/Rattle sounds releasing from pistols and melee weapons.
  • When you dash using the Shift key, you will release the Rustle/Rattle sounds at the highest volume.
    • But these sounds will be emitted at a lower volume if you dash at a normal speed.
    • When you take a walk at a slow speed, or when you crawl, the Rustle/Rattle sounds are not able to emit.
  • The footstep sounds are higher than the general audible range of Rustle/Rattle sounds.

Some video examples below can help you understand those changes:

  • Characters who don’t equip major equipment will not release Rustle/Rattle sounds anymore.

  • Putting a weapon on your back and holding one in your hands create a different Rustle/Rattle sound. When you put it on the back, it will be somewhat louder when you hold it.
  • The realism of sounds generated by the players with a backpack on was also improved

  • In case a gun is held in your hand, and the second one is worn, with a backpack on your back, three Rustle/Rattle sounds will be emitted at once.

After all of these changes, the development team of PUBG game wanted to bring better character sounds to all players and make them much more realistic. Seemingly, this could be a subtle change, nevertheless, the development team believes that changing it is a significant job as the sound is one of the most significant elements in PUBG. For this reason, the whole team wants all players to truly understand what they were making. These sound changes are a small section of PUBG Update 27 which can be explored now on live servers. Don’t be hesitant to send your feedback on these changes to the dev team! Let them know what they should do to bring a better balance and quality of PUBG to you!

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