PUBG PC Update 4.2 Available!

PUBG PC Update 4.2 Available!

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PUBG PC Update 4.2 Live!

In the second PUBG PC update related to the season, developers have added dynamic weather conditions to the Erangel island.

Meanwhile, Season 4 is being continued with the new PUBG PC update 4.2! Erangel map has been ruined by matches. However, your Battlegrounds will be changed much more with the coming storm.

Survivors in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game will have to fight against each other while fending off disadvantages from the wind, hail, thunderstorms, rain, and fog. Please watch the following Patch Report to learn more!

Along with the presence of the latest weather types on Erangel, you can find some improvements for the quality of life and gameplay in the cool PUBG PC upcoming update, consisting of decreasing the ambient wind sound on Vikendi, more destructible objects on Erangel, with a couple of vehicles’ modifications. It’s easy to check out the detail of the PUBG Console Update 4.2 – Patch Notes.

Further, Survivor Pass 4: AFTERMATH will only last for 8 weeks, starting on August 27th after the live maintenance and ending on October 22nd 2 am PDT / 11 am CEST.

Besides, do not skip the status of the co-op mission system, in which, you can work with teammates to fulfill objectives and obtain rewards. It is simple to hop into the PUBG Update today after you leave the current news!

Are you willing to become the ultimate standing man? Good luck!

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