PUBG 5.2: New Patch Notes And Updates For Console

PUBG 5.2: New Patch Notes And Updates For Console

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In addition to the updates for PC, the console version of PUBG is also updated with lots of interesting content and upgrades improving the gameplay for players. Make sure you completely find out PUBG Update 5.2 for consoles to check out what new updates are added to the game. This updated version is also regarded as a method for gamers to contribute to the development of Battlegrounds.

New System: PUBG Labs

One of the most prominent features in this update is PUBG Labs. With this feature, gamers will be permitted to experience the latest game modes as well as help the development team make those game modes better. More than that, players will continue getting through hijinks in this PUBG Update Season 5. A certain new thing will be created, and this will let the foes spot the red of the brake lights with the Spike Trap. Furthermore, with an update made to the PUBG Vikendi map, the most effective sniper strategies on the map will be brought into focus.

Players can also check out more other improvements for PUBG Console. These alterations will be implemented immediately, and your feedback will be priceless to the development team. Below here are the details about the schedules for maintenance. Take a look at these schedules before diving into the PUBG Patch Notes 5.2.

PTS Schedule:

  • PST: November 18, 6 pm until live maintenance wraps up
  • CET: November 19, 3 am until live maintenance wraps up

PTS Settings:

  • Region: NA
  • Perspective: TPP
  • Mode: Solo
  • Map: Random

Live Maintenance Schedule:

  • PST: November 25, 9 pm – November 26, 3 am
  • CET: November 26 6am – 12pm

The live maintenance schedule can be changed. If there are any changes, you will be notified.

About the PTS (Public Test Server)

The PTS (Public Test Server) is considered as a private PUBG server that players who bought a copy of PUBG can join for free. The purpose of making this test server is to provide a preview of upcoming features and investigating the bugs and problems that need instant resolutions. To take part in the test server, you are required to get a copy of PUBG.

Keep in mind that your live server account will not store the data, statistics, etc. from the test server.

For Xbox: Xbox players can search and download the “PUBG – Public Test Server” on the Microsoft Store or on the ‘My Games and Apps’ menu.

For PS4: PS4 players can find the “PUBG – Public Test Server” in the “Purchased” part of their Library.

About the PTS (Public Test Server)


New System: PUBG Labs

Recently updated on 12/06: According to what the development team has received from the players’ feedback for the Skill Based Rating Labs test and the collected data, a decision was made for developing the maximum possible rating points obtained in each match. There has been an increase in the points awarded for ranking, and it also has been extended more evenly throughout all rankings in the top 50%. These modifications are legitimate immediately. Players will be able to have full value based on their special performances in matches thanks to this.

New System: PUBG Labs

PUBG Labs is a unique feature that creates a space for the developers to work with the community and players can experience new game modes, rule sets, brand new features, and lots of things. Your feedback on PUBG Labs is so priceless to the development team. Based on your thoughts, they will know how to develop it much better. The developers cannot wait to observe the players experiencing the top-secret action they have been working on.

More about the PUBG Labs

  • PUBG Labs creates a room for the development team to introduce their trial in-game features to all gamers and collect the players’ feedback to make the features better as well as turn them into permanent game additions.
  • You can join PUBG Labs on the menu under the Play button.
  • PUBG Labs will experience more updates and new content in the future. They can be new play modes, new rules, or even new vistas.
  • Make sure you share your thoughts on PUBG Labs. What you think about it is so important to the development team.

The forthcoming test content of PUBG Labs

  • Skill Based Rating (Console – Live server: Nov 26 – Jan 6 KST)
  • One of the most outstanding trial content you can check out in PUBG Labs is Skill Based Rating. It is an exclusive system that can keep track of your skill and you will receive a rating from it in every game you play.
  • Don’t confuse Skill Based Rating with Survival Title system.
  • In every mode, you will get a rating based on your skill level. You are required to join 5 placement matches if you want to check your rating.
    • After you have finished 5 rating-evaluation matches, your rating will experience a change and it is totally based on some crucial elements, namely kills, and your overall placement in the match.
  • You can share what you think about the changes made to your rating after each match with the development team. Thanks to your thoughts, the developers will know what to do to make it better or evaluate the way the system feels.
  • For one week after the conclusion of the Skill Based Rating test, all players are able to show their thoughts and send their feedback on the system through a survey.
    • Feedback period
      • Console: 1/7 – 1/14 KST

A week will be a period of time for you to review the Skill Based Rating feature in the test server before the opening of the test server. The development team highly appreciates your feedback and the collected data. Thanks to your thoughts and the collected data, they can research and change the system in an appropriate way to make the Skill Based Ratings the best possible.

Game Play

New Item: Spike Trap

  • Spike Traps can penetrate the tires of any vehicles that are running over the strip of spikes.
    • One Spike Trap can only ruin one vehicle before it fades.
    • Although the Spike Traps penetrate the tires of vehicles, they still cannot ruin the general health of the vehicle.
  • There is a similarity between the spawn rate of Spike Traps and the spawn rate of other throwables across all PUBG maps.
  • If you want to set a Spike Trap, you must pick it and use RT(Xbox)/R2(PS4). Once a Spike Trap has been set, you cannot pick it back up anymore.

Made a change to the swimming and diving balance

  • There was a 27% increase in the swimming speed.
  • There was a 20% increase in the diving speed.
  • There was around a 10% increase in the breath recovery speed. It will take 9 seconds for the full recovery.
  • There was around a 33% increase in the maximum diving time. Now, you can dive for roughly 20 seconds.

Weapon Mastery

A new feature was included to filter out weapons

  • On the Weapon Mastery screen, by using the weapon navigation filter, you can change the order of the weapons.
  • The weapons can be arranged according to the criteria below:
    • Default (alphabetical order) / By level / By damage
“Breathe. Snipe. Repeat.”

Vikendi Update

A fresh cleanup has been done for the PUBG Vikendi map to make it more appealing to the Long Gun Hunters. From now, more vehicles will appear on the map. You can easily find more of them to survive the winter wastes. Nevertheless, you have to stay watchful for the spike traps in the snowy hills or you will be taken down by the landslide.

Improved terrain

  • Because new roads have been added to the game, players will not find it hard to move through snowy areas of PUBG Vikendi anymore.
  • Besides the new roads, there was also an increase in the number of vehicles dispersed throughout the map, and also, the was an adjustment made to their areas.
  • Added a cold front and frozen river around Castle. You will find it easy to move through that area.
  • Mount Kreznic is located at the heart of Vikendi, storing various kinds of terrain that are not easy to go through due to the steepness of the mountain. There was a reduction in the overall height of the mountain, causing it to be shrunken a bit.
  • Some buildings in areas of PUBG Vikendi have been wiped out or replaced with different buildings in order to make the game balance much better. Furthermore, the field of vision that is gained from high buildings also experienced a modification.
  • Already made some changed to the terrain of PUBG Vikendi. This can cause it to be hard a bit for players to cover themselves or take cover when they encounter enemies. To fix this, the developers have changed the terrain in areas across the map so the players can hide or take cover more easily.

Improved towns in Vikendi

  • Players rarely come to some towns in Vikendi because they don’t have enough loot or the structures are too complicated. Hence, there were some changes made to some locations:
  • Volnova has been reshaped in general. A change was also made to crucial buildings and driving routes.
  • The spawn rate of items in Peshkova has been increased.
  • The garages where vehicles pop up in Trevno have been relocated. Thanks to this, players can escape more easily after looting.

Gameplay balance improvements

  • Blue Zone balance on Vikendi has experienced a change. Thanks to this change, players can make their strategies using more diverse routes more easily.
    • Developed the size of early safe zones.
    • Expanded the safe zone but decreased the speed of early Blue Zones.
    • Changed the size and speed of mid and final Blue Zones to the same level of the current ones.
    • Slightly developed the randomness of Blue Zone areas throughout the map.
  • Strongly developed the vehicle spawn counts to review the feedback of players on insufficient vehicles spawns in Vikendi.
  • Made a modification to the area of vehicle spawns following the new Blue Zone balance.

Console QoL: 1st Controller Improvement

Keep Aim/ADS

  • After collecting feedback from the community, the developers decide to add more controller QoL features.
  • As you hold Aim/ADS, your Aim/ADS will stay that way even though you are performing some actions, such as jumping, falling, crouching, or prone.
    • For instance, as you move while your ADS is being held, a fall down the hill or under the building will occur:
      • Before: You are required to release the ADS button and hold it again.
      • After: Continue holding your ADS after your falling action has been completed.
  • The development team hopes that this feature will bring more dynamics to the gun battle experience of players.

Vehicle Control on Controller Preset Type C

  • The purpose of making Preset C is to bring more concentrations on gunplay than the other presets.
  • About the vehicle control, the development team felt unnecessary to create its own bindings because they didn’t see any clear data that can make the gameplay better.
    • Therefore, the developers are making a modification to the vehicle control following the key bindings of Preset A and B.

In the upcoming time

  • The developers will solve the problem in which they cannot key bind as the players want due to controller limits.
  • At the moment, they are experimenting with key bindings as preparing different controller presets.
  • They hope that this feature will be released during 2020 1Q.


Store UI Overhaul

  • The UI of the store menu was rebuilt.


Store UI Overhaul
  • Feel free to go into the store’s featured products from the FEATURED tab.


  • Feel free to check out all the items sold for BP and G-Coin from the ITEMS tab.
  • UI is now more intuitive after being improved.


  • With different coupons obtained from lots of different rewards, you can use them to buy items from COUPON SHOP.


  • G-Coin tab is now changed into ADD-ONS
  • You can buy G-Coin and DLC packages from the ADD-ONS tab.
  • You will find it easier to navigate the descriptions now.


  • Once PUBG Update 5.2 debuts on the live server, these following items will appear in the Store:
    • 1 G-Coin BattleStat Weapon (MK47)
    • 2 BP BattleStat Weapons (MP5K and QBZ)
    • 1 BP Madsy belt
    • 1 BP Madsy shoes
    • A new BP crate
      • There are 17 new gun skins stored inside the Venetian Crate.


Weapon impact sounds experienced an improvement

  • The sound effects for each kind of object being shot were strongly improved.

Bug Fixes


  • Already addressed an issue where the effect of tire smoke doesn’t stop if the wheels are ruined while the vehicle is moving or stopped.
  • Fixed an error where spectator POV has to be forced downwards when a character is being pushed against an object with a weapon.


  • Made a fix to an issue where a particular vehicle on Miramar becomes visible inside an objective, causing the vehicle to be blown up when it is spawned.
  • The problem of footsteps nearly being silent on several carpeted surfaces was fixed.
    • Remember that the areas where this problem was fixed, the carpet material sound will not be the same

Custom Match

  • The problem with the Leave button being displayed wrongly from the result screen was fixed.
  • The problem with the player count being displayed as 0 from the custom match room selection was fixed.
  • The problem with the target score from a War Mode tool-tip being shown as 200 was fixed.
  • The problem with a wrong password error showing up when backing out from the private custom match room was fixed.
  • The problem with the custom match room host having to use the switch team button twice to change the team was fixed.
  • The problem with changing the team being disabled when pressing the switch team button too fast was fixed.
  • The problem with a custom match remaining in the room selection lobby after all players leaving the session was fixed.


  • The problem with players being incapable of reaching the main lobby screen when using L-Stick throughout the game mode select was fixed.
  • The problem with PUBG ID being opened when players trying to close the reward pop-up in the Survival Mastery page was fixed.


  • The problem with players being incapable of hearing their own footsteps when moving on puddles of water was fixed.

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