It’s Available To Play PUBG PS4 And Xbox One Together!

It’s Available To Play PUBG PS4 And Xbox One Together!

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The promise of developers in August of adding PUBG Cross-play for PS4 and Xbox One is completed. It goes live with the new update. PUBG Corp. tweeted the console news for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds on their European feed Tuesday morning.

It's Available To Play PUBG PS4 And Xbox One Together!

PUBG Cross-play between Xbox One and PS4

According to the latest PUBG News, the cross-play feature finally appears. Players can start to try it out from now on.

Actually, those who love to explore PUBG the Battle Royale game will have the chance to show their skills and become the last standing man in a cool way. Since the release date of PUBG 4.3 Update, you can search for that function without difficulty. Are you willing to join across the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game?

It’s feasible for you to team up with some friendly characters to form a party on various platforms. But, PUBG Corp states that they are working on it and they will display more info.

If you’d like to play with rivals on your selected platform, you can move to Settings – Gameplay. Next, you will turn off Cross-play. That will take you more time than seeking a match.

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Original story related to launching PUBG Cross-play for those devices

In the trailer for the new PUBG PC Season 4, the studio said that they were developing on carrying out a highly requested possibility named Cross-play on consoles. They promised that it was coming soon.

It was planned to begin on Xbox One after its release on PC last month. It was one of the big news that developers of PUBG revealed during Microsoft’s pre-Gamescom episode of Inside Xbox.

Therefore, the cross-platform play was confirmed to be switched on the public test server in late September. It would go with a live rollout scheduled to PUBG Xbox follow in early October. When cross-play was finished, everybody could hop into the combat in the famous game with people on PS4.

“Our first goal with cross platform play was for 100 players from both console communities to be able to play in the same match,” PUBG Corp. community manager Cecillia Lee wrote in an Xbox Wire post. “Our second goal was to improve our matchmaking times, which we expect to be shorter for due to the wider matchmaking pool.”

Other facts about PUBG cross-play of PS4 and Xbox One

It was no word if cross-play for PUBG PS4 or Xbox One could be extended to comprise PC survivors as well. However, it was considered a crucial step and another sign revolved around the firm stance of Sony. For several years, that company was criticized because they did not let cross-play between PUBG PS4 and other platforms.

Notes for PUBG Cross-play participants

Cross-play for PUBG Steam will allow you and other persons to access the same matchmaking pool. But, you will not party up with joiners from other consoles. It’s still on the roadmap. Meanwhile, PUBG will decide on players from two consoles. There is an icon near the names showing whether they are involving in a PS4 or an Xbox One. Purists may not consist of ones from the opposite platform from their scoreboards, too.

With the existence of PUBG Cross-play for Xbox One and PS4, console diehards can drop into the battlefield and meet the other location easily. Why don’t you share using cross-play with your buddies now? Much fun!

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