How To Master PUBG Mobile Vehicles To Be The Best Driver

How To Master PUBG Mobile Vehicles To Be The Best Driver

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Players have a wide array of choices when choosing PUBG Mobile vehicles. As a famous battle royale survival game on mobile devices, PUBG Mobile game knows how to keep players engaged for a long time when it features a bunch of types of vehicles to help them with the combat. Aside from weapons and other items, mastering vehicles in both PUBG PC and Mobile is also a good way for you to reach the top. You will realize becoming number one is no hard if you use your vehicles wisely to get an edge over other players, which makes you not only the top 1 player but also the top 1 racer.

PUBG Mobile Vehicles

There are some PUBG Mobile tips and tricks for you to follow to be a master in vehicles. Rather than running and walking, using a vehicle in PUBG mobile version will help you improve your movement speed, especially when you want to chase enemies, run away from them or get to safe areas. However, not all PUBG Mobile vehicles are good to use. Some are cool, but some are terrible. Let’s find out which vehicles you should use in the game through this PUBG Mobile guide!

List of all vehicles you can use in PUBG Mobile


PUBG Mobile Buggy

When it comes to a popular vehicle in the PUBG game, it will be a big shortage without mentioning Buggy. It’s true to say that PUBG Buggy has become a hot pick of most of the players in the game thanks to its easy handling and good speed. When driving a buggy on PUBG maps, you can move on any terrain without any trouble. More than that, you can even use it on steep hills. The only drawback that PUBG Mobile buggy brings to you is that it cannot dodge bombs thrown by other players. You have to be careful when driving this vehicle when there are bombs around you.



PUBG Mobile vehicles list brings you another vehicle type you can use, which is called UAZ. Feel free to drive a UAZ on the PUBG Erangel map! This 4-seater vehicle has a quite slow movement speed. However, it has a good amount of blood, which can be considered as a vehicle with the biggest amount of blood in all vehicle types in PUBG Mobile. UAZ also has a drawback which is that it is easy to flip. Make sure you are careful about that when driving a PUBG UAZ on the terrain.


PUBG Mobile Motorcycle

Do you want to know which vehicle is the fastest one in the PUBG game? The answer is a Motorcycle! Driving a Motorcycle around the PUBG map is not hard. This one has a trunk on its size and can carry 3 people at the same time, which makes it an ideal vehicle type for PUBG squad mode. The disadvantage that a PUBG Motorcycle has is it doesn’t have much health.


PUBG Mobile Scooter

PUBG Scooter is considered to be a special edition of Motorcycle. This vehicle type can be found on the PUBG Sanhok map easily. Although Soccer comes out with a nice look, it’s still not a good option for you because it doesn’t have a good amount of blood and fast movement speed.


PUBG Tukshai must be a unique vehicle on the PUBG Sanhok map. Tukshai has slow movement speed and a small amount of blood, which is kind of the same as the aforementioned PUBG Scooter. Tukshai should be your pick when you want to move at a decent speed. But if you don’t have a need for that, you should search for other vehicles with faster movement speed.


PUBG Mobile Dacia

This PUBG Mobile vehicle guide also introduces Dacia which is a recently-added vehicle found on the PUBG Erangel map. Far from its appearance, it is regarded as the fastest vehicle with 4 seats. However, it doesn’t have a fast movement speed like Motorcycle. Enemies will find it hard to attack a PUBG Dacia from afar due to its small size even though it has no much blood.


PUBG Mobile Mirado

PUBG Mirado is also a good pick for you when it also has the speed of Motorcycle and the flexibility of Dacia. The drawback is that you will not find it easy to handle a Mirado on the main road because of its fast movement speed.


PUBG Mobile Minibus

Minibus can be regarded as the worst vehicle for players to use in PUBG Mobile because of its slow speed and hard handling, even though the vehicle has a good amount of blood. Driving a PUBG Minibus will increase the chance of being attacked by other rivals. So, you are not recommended to choose this vehicle type even though you have not found a good vehicle to better your movement speed yet.


PUBG Mobile Pickup

A logical vehicle pick for you should be PUBG Pickup which is a 4-seater vehicle that has good speed and easy handling, which already fulfills your basic requirements. Pickup in PUBG Mobile game has another edition called Rony. PUBG Rony can be found on the PUBG Sanhok map. This vehicle carries the same features as the basic model, which makes it a good vehicle to pick.

Become a professional racer like Vin Diesel in Fast & Furious movies with some PUBG tips

Become a professional racer like Vin Diesel in Fast & Furious movies with some PUBG tips

Fast & Furious is a famous movie about car racing. If you want to become a professional in racing like Vin Diesel in the movie, there are some PUBG vehicle tips and tricks for you to follow. When you are getting closer to a car, just change between “sitting in” and “driving”. If you want to be a driver and get into the driving position, a change will be made to the screen. Simultaneously, you must use the up button to speed up, steer your car using the left/right buttons, and change to the sitting position using down button. Make sure you get out of the car quickly when it’s burning and you are still inside. Just leave it even though it is being driven. By doing so, you can avoid getting exploded and destroyed.

PUBG Mobile Vin Diesel

When you encounter a rival using a vehicle, you should target at their tires. If you deal damage to the tires, their speed will be decreased and the enemy cannot control it. You can try giving a headshot to your enemy if you can while they are sitting in the car. Rather than spinning the magazine into that vehicle and waiting for a detonation, headshot gives you a better result.

Those are good tips you can follow to become a professional racer get to the top rank in PUBG Mobile. Not all PUBG vehicles are easy to control, but if you have learned all the tips and tricks about mastering them, you will totally get an edge over your opponents. Besides this vehicle guide, don’t forget to check out other PUBG guides on weapons, items, gameplay and more for more tips to outplay other players. Hope all the tips are useful for you!

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