FAQs About Weapon Mastery in PUBG

FAQs About Weapon Mastery in PUBG

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The PUBG’s Weapon Mastery team made arrival on Reddit’s /r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS subreddit on April 22 for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) about the brand new progression system developed by them. The members of the whole team were so happy to receive a huge amount of feedback from players and field questions about the new rewards with gameplay mechanics brought to the game by the Mastery system. The questions are varied, ranging from discovering how one player is able to gain medals to surpassing passing a question and recommending what charms should be next for players who max out their armory.

Feel free to take a look at the full AMA on Reddit! Besides that, don’t forget to find out the new progression features through the Introduction to Weapon Mastery here or watch the video below:

Check out the FAQs and take a look at a preview of what the team is researching on to add to Weapon Mastery in PUBG game

Q. What are Charms?

Answer: About the charms, they are like keychain trinkets added to the left side on the barrel of every weapon. They can be equipped, and you can check out what charms have been unlocked from inside the Mastery tab.

Q. What’s an emblem?

Answer: Every weapon possesses a tier emblem which works as a visual shorthand for your existing level. Every 10 levels, these tier emblems will become fancier.

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Q. Do I have to buy a season pass to earn charms through Weapon Mastery?

Answer: Weapon Mastery is not seasonal and is known as an included feature in PUBG. No updates will be tied to Survivor Passes.

Q. Do Charms and Tiers have a time limit to reach them?

Answer: No, they don’t! There are no periods of time for unlocking charms or leveling up tiers. Weapon Mastery is an everlasting system without resets. You can earn all Weapon Mastery rewards for free but you cannot buy them.

Q. Can I choose where the charm appears on my weapon?

Answer: The dev team selected the spots they did for charms because it would bring a perfect chance to be seen by the user of the weapon. Players will have more customizations, which is always an objective for the team. Also, they will never stop discovering the development of how the charms are shown in the game.

Q. Is getting mastery levels on certain weapons easier?

Answer: The dev team has tried to keep Weapon Mastery balanced in such a nice way that progression will be the same for all guns. It is not about which ones are better, but about the kinds of weapons that you employ and enjoy when using.

Q. When a player maxes out a weapon will all stats be wiped and I’ll have to start over?

Answer: The progress of Weapon Mastery will not be erased.

Q. Since Weapon Mastery is a feature that allows players to check their gun stats and earn rewards based on their skills, will others be able to actually see this “skill” I have or is it personal and hidden from others?

Answer: A system was created to enable other players to see your items, however, it seemed to be quite wrong. The dev team decided to hold off on shipping it while they return to the drawing board to think about much better methods to let you show off your emblems to your friends, and probably even your foes. At the moment, the team wants to bring players a good chance to present their accomplishments to other players and personalize their looks, which is a top-priority thing now.

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Q. Am I going to be matched with the players who are at the same mastery level with me?

Answer: Matchmaking will not be affected by mastery level.

Q. When can we expect it on Xbox and PS4?

Answer: Weapon Mastery is being developed for Xbox and PS4, and it will be released soon. There will be an official announcement via official channels when it’s closer to the release.

Many thanks to people who engaged in the AMA event! The development team also appreciates people sending wonderful questions as well as feedback to them through a lot of community channels. Keep sending your feedback and thoughts on Weapon Mastery so the team can make it much better. The biggest hope of the whole PUBG team is to make the game and the new features much more rewarding and engaging.

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