Erangel Loot Rebalance – A Letter From The Development Team in PUBG

Erangel Loot Rebalance – A Letter From The Development Team in PUBG

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Erangel is the first map that was released for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG for short) two years ago. Ever since then, more new maps, as well as other evolutions for the game, were focused on, leaving Erangel stuck somewhere between the main experiences in PUBG and somewhat out of date. Learning this, the development team has been gathering as well as researching on the feedback sent by the gamers, particularly in terms of looting and spawning rate issues.

After carefully thinking about all of these elements, the team has made a decision on mastering Erangel once again in order to bring something better to all players. This task will be not easy to carry out when the development team has to make sure that Erangel is going to be pretty much upgraded in terms of visual, graphics, effects while keeping the magic and nostalgia that made the map and PUBG game famous in the first place. This is the reason that the team wants to upgrade and examine it with the players.

It will take a huge amount of attempt to carry out the plan for upgrading Erangel and this project will be finished in stages that will happen over some months. Throughout the course of the project, the developers will launch some parts of the general remaster to test and feedback when they finish and use the alterations. For the first step, the development team will modify the loot balance and the spawn rates of Erangel, and they have an intention to apply to the test server tomorrow. Now, players can explore the direction as well as the plan for these alterations to loot.

Before commencing

Upgrading the map Erangel can be regarded as one of the biggest PUBG News to all players. As mentioned above, this upgrading project will take a huge amount of time and it also demands testing and iteration. Players must keep in mind that all of these phases will not have any public tests until applied to live servers. Similarly, any experiments, impressions, leaks and data mining should remain as a big riddle to the players during the phases. Every single test will be tagged along with player feedback and internal data. Players should pay attention to the official communications on the status of Erangel testing.

Item Spawn Rates on Erangel in PUBG PC

Balancing the mayhem of attempting to get through in extreme circumstances with the enjoyment of having the weapons that the players want to utilize is the crucial goal with item spawn rates in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The item spawn system of PUBG game must be totally random and it has to pull from a master table that has a different way of distributing the loot for each game. And for Erangel – the first map in PUBG, it was made to be highly random with a smaller spawn rate.

Through over time, more and more maps came out, making the play styles much more evolved. This causes the legacy loot system of Erangel much more obvious. After receiving a lot of feedback from the players on this topic, the development team began making efforts to fix this issue.

The graph below shows the spawn rate in Erangel that has been gradually developed between Early Access and now. In April of 2018, right after the patch to wipe out some clothing items, the development team has carried on attaching brand new items with some great attachments to develop the spawn rates. Nevertheless, when the new map trends kept going on, the team commenced thinking about much more serious alterations.

< Y-Axis Displays Total Spawn Quantity>

The relation between spawn rate and acquisition rate in PUBG

The development team also carried out the item pick-up experience tests with pro teams in esports mode to find out whether they could fix the balance problem by just changing the spawn rate. They also thought that it will be much more effective and better to carry out the test in esports mode instead of the common mode in order to examine the influence of spawn rate adjustments, and this could also be because that esports mode has such higher item spawn settings.

15 areas and studied the effectiveness of loot were all contained in the test. Basically, the development team wanted to check out which percentage of loot was gathered and which was left behind. 67.85%, was the real pick-up rate of items across all areas, and this led to the deduction that almost 33% of item spawned were not crucial or duplicate spawn items. More than that, the fact that one specific zone had loot effectiveness of only 19.7%.

Thanks to this test, the developers figure out they should grow the value of items and the balance loot in locations where the players were not searching for good items in contrast to the significance and scale of the zone they were in.

Additionally, the team also examined the kinds of items that players can loot in the big areas on the map, picked out the characteristics of every area, and tested the preferred game patterns of players, which includes the preference of which locations to balance loot of the players.

There was an obvious discrepancy in the item acquisition rate for every area on Erangel, and the team made a decision on balancing loot so the items can be well given out across the map.

The aim of Erangel Loot Balancing

 Sanhok is also an awesome map in PUBG game, and it was a huge comparison point for the players when mentioning the spawn rate of Erangel. Sanhok was described as a smaller scale, much loot, with a faster-paced battle. There were lots of players that wanted identical experience and loot balance on Erangel.

As can be seen from the real data around this comparison, it displays that ARs are 4.75%, DMRs 0.69%, and SRs 0.26% on Sanhok, while 2%, 0.48%, and 0.12% on Erangel respectively, showing that AR and SR ratios in Erangel are not much high, particularly considering the size discrepancy of the map. The developers had a feeling of Erangel symbolizing the original Battle Royale experience as spawn rate of magazines, grenades and pistols are kind of high, but the spawn rate of the crucial items is kind of low on Erangel.

For the forthcoming examination, the developers made a decision on modifying the spawn rate of Erangel somewhat boldly, which decreases the spawn amount of pistols, grenades, and magazines, while growing the number of weapons and other crucial equipment that are kind of important to the players by around 10-20%. Furthermore, the number of item spawns will be also changed by the item category to a ratio that is the same as Sanhok. It’s probably a major change, but the team wants to modify the spawn amount to feel better while the exclusive characteristics of Erangel are still kept. The main objective here is to make sure Erangel will not be seen as a larger Sanhok.

When all the things of Erangel are put together, players will have item pick-up experiences that are not consistent since the map does not offer loot balance in every area. About this issue, the development team is fully aware of that this is not the merely way to fix a basic issue in Erangel, however, they have an intention to modify spawn rate/spawn amount incrementally to bring the players more consistent gameplay experiences of item achieving as well as to stress the exclusive features of the map.

The development team hopes that they will receive your feedback on these alterations, but they need to do more. For example, they will need to carry out more work to keep the loot across many points of the map much more balanced. Players will surely realize a small gap in loot between several areas, but generally, they will have a better gaming experience in terms of looting as well as getting more equipment in the early game. Keep in mind that this is just the initial test, therefore, these update contents are not set in stone. Your feedback is much needed in order to repeat on the alterations and hope that the proper balance for Erangel is successful.

Subsequent Steps

According to what the developers have said before, spawn rate balance itself is not able to completely mend the Erangel issue, therefore, they keep changing/adjusting many factors as test progress. For instance, if this advanced spawn rate increases the frequency of early battle, the mid-game will probably suffer because of fewer players in a bigger safe zone. Definitely, they will pay attention to the way that playing time and play style are impacted and will fix it if necessary.

This is a kind of personal project to all the developers of PUBG game. As always, their objective is to make Battle Royale the best on the market. Remasting Erangel that commenced this wonderful journey is the guarantee of the development team to the goal. They want to send many thanks to the players who have sent them their feedback. You should stay tuned for more information and should send your thoughts on the forthcoming changes to Erangel.

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