An Update From The PUBG Team, Feb. 15

An Update From The PUBG Team, Feb. 15

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There were a lot of Vikendi performance issues that players have been experiencing in PUBG game, and the PUBG team wanted to release an update on these issues (rending and falling or flying vehicles and characters) to make sure that they will not happen in the game anymore.

The update is getting ready to be out and it will contain some enhancements with crucial fixes for those issues. The update is provisionally scheduled for February 28.

What does this update address in PUBG?

  • Addressed the issue in which vehicles when going at high speeds could take a fly or fall down through the map (used for the Miramar too)
  • Made an increase to the texture streaming pool’s size to cache in memory.
  • This will be done to enhance rendering times.
  • Already solved a problem where LOD 1 does not load, which made buildings unable to load at all.

The PUBG team will depict Level of Detail (LOD) 1 as “playdough” detail and LOD 0 as full detail (100% rendered) so they can jump into a bit deeper the Level of Detail issue.

  • Prior to the update on January 22, players could easily take a look at actual buildings in “playdough” detail. Then, textures would gently load until LOD 0 was obtained.
  • After the update on January 22, LOD 1 did not load until LOD was gained. When LOD 1 stops loading, this ignores the “playdough” step, making the buildings incapable of loading. Vikendi is currently experiencing this issue. Without LOD 1, the condition of building rendering is at 0% or 100% (LOD 0), meaning no buildings at all -> 100% completely detailed buildings.

The development team of PUBG is working very hard to fix these issues so they can launch a stable and fine update on February 28. All of the players’ patience is highly appreciated, and be sure to stay tuned for the forthcoming update with main patch notes.

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