Vehicle Fighting In PUBG Game

Vehicle Fighting In PUBG Game

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Dear Players,

You guys must have already learned the kinds of vehicles in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds game. PUBG features a lot of vehicles for you to use, however, a vehicle fighting is inevitable during the combat. Let’s find out tips and tactics to tackle the dangers in the fight!

What to do in the vehicle fighting

Vehicle Fighting In PUBG Game

When you and your teammate takes control of a vehicle, one will drive it, while the other one will direct and communicate. Don’t view the map for too long, or else you will drive into a tree. While joining the fight, the driver has to solve a lot of stuff in order to stay alive. You have to use the map, place a marker and be sure to elude deadly zones. But, if you accidentally enter a dangerous zone, you need to park your car away from the players or else they will know that you’re nearby them.

Being flipped over doesn’t make you meet your doom. You can make it flip back over but with around 33% damage by releasing a grenade that is close to it.

When you enter a zone and you catch sight some vehicles there, don’t be hesitant to fire 1-2 tires. By doing this, the owners of those vehicles may get zoned out easily.

A flipped car can be utilized as a camouflage by some people, this can be a good way to deceive other enemies because they normally won’t pay attention to the flipped vehicles.

Don’t go shoot back at enemies after being shot by them! It’s useless unless you’re nearby them. Because if you do, your ammo will be run out more, plus, you can’t risk yourself trying to fire them back. You could be in danger very easily.

When a car is on fire, the car is going to be blown up, and so does the people sitting in it or near it.

It’s not always that you will meet your doom when you run into another car because the outcomes are always random. Maybe you will end up getting downed. But it’s possible for you to be trapped in the car of your opponent. Both of you can spin and fire each other. After that, the cars will blow up, destroying all players.

Vehicles cause a lot of noise! You shouldn’t use a car when you drive near a suspicious dangerous zone.

You don’t have to use many bullets to destroy the people sitting in the car.

Entering a village where someone must have driven in. But if a rival car is getting to a village that isn’t seized yet, that guy will surely stop driving and park the car on the edge. You need to take a chance to shoot the tires and wipe out all people sitting inside.

It’s easy to jam a bridge or a road with your vehicles.

Use your car as a bait to kill the enemies! Place your car near a road, then wait to see the people enter it. If they do, you need to blast them quickly.

In that bait car, you need to control your car and make sure that the back half is in a big bush. Stop driving it, cover up yourself in the back seat while waiting for the enemies to enter. Once they drive the car, you need to shoot them all from the back.

You need to elude a car on your way! To do so, try to turn left or right with 90 degrees, then run faster!

Always park your car in a secure zone! If you park it near a dangerous zone, you will be in danger. Be sure to park it carefully and that place must be covered by a building. It must near or face the exit, or you can park the car in a garage too.


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