Some effective tips that help you master PUBG game

Some effective tips that help you master PUBG game

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Mastering Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds game is an objective of all players. However, it’s not easy to master PUBG game unless you already know some great tips or you can develop your own smart strategies. Finding out what basic things you can do is really important because it will help you deal with dangers easily.

A good place to begin

Since the flight path in the game is so random, you won’t be able to pinpoint the best place to begin. If you want to have a nice start, you should think about how to make a good use of the tools in your hands, how to make a plan fast, and how t give out good decisions. There are so many things you must remember:

Try to memorize the approximate distance of 1-2 kilometres or squares as an instruction on how distant you are able to reach from the flight path, which is mostly based on the level of highness when you utilize your parachute.

Try to select a map location full of various items, especially the spawning vehicles, and make sure it isn’t close to any combat. Use that vehicle carefully, drive it to the zone that has so many lootable items. Be sure you only spend 5-7 minutes on looting. Just think about that it will take 5 minutes for the initial blue ring to spawn. After that, it will spend a little bit more time to get to the white safe location.

A good place to begin

Basic controls

Key X is used for putting your weapon away, which will allow you to run 6% faster.

If you speed up your vehicle, it will absorb more fuel. Also, it will be very hard to turn or control without skidding.

Let your vehicle stay still so you can fuel it again. However, by clicking on the canister on your inventory, you are able to fuel your vehicle while you are sitting in it.

Don’t forget to employ the map markers, as well as call out some special direction when you are with your team.

Basic controls

Use the voice chat function to talk to your teammates, but make sure to set it to be party-only.

Press key B to toggle the rate of fire.

PUBG game has three kinds of aiming, such as hip fire, more proper hip-fire as well as aiming-down-sights (ADS).

Tactics and priorities

The risky locations to begin are usually known as the large towns that are right under the flight path. But, these zones always give you better loot. You should go to the corner of the parachuting range to search for some small groups of buildings in order to start and find items.

There are several necessary things that you need to find soon, such as assault rifle, a backpack, a bulletproof vest, a helmet and some healing items.

When the game starts, no doors are open. So if you see one open, you should know that someone has been there. But you also let the whole world know you’re already there as well by letting the door open.

If someone shoots you and you have no idea where it comes from, you shouldn’t start to go prone quickly. You need to go with a zig-zag motion, then run until you can use a cover. You are recommended to move on the peak of a hill.

Before you start to loot, you should clear up the building. You can leave some loot on the ground to lure others. Once they get baited and enter the building, you can fire them from behind.

Don’t always fully focus on enemies that you have already knocked out. They won’t be able to stand up unless they are saved by their allies. Instead, you need to focus on the players that are still alive and trying to shoot you down.

If you want to cover big distances, just use the vehicles because they can help you. However, using the vehicles will make a lot of noise. Be sure to utilize them properly.

Don’t let your vehicles run down the hills by themselves because if they do that at speed, they will get blown up when hitting something. Try to park them sideways on a sloped terrain so you can prevent them from rolling. Also, make sure you will leave the vehicle instantly if you crash.

Further developed hotkeys and controls

Key Alt will help you look around the environments without even making a move. You can use this when you camp or when you are descending from the plane.

Key C will help you dive underwater while you are swimming, and when you need to get more air, just rise to the surface by using Spacebar.

Press keys ‘Ctrl+1/2/3/4/5/6’ will help you toggle the seats. You will get to the driving seat directly if using key Ctrl+1.

Use key “=” to sprint automatically.

Key Q is used to lean left, and key E is used to lean right.

You can make your vehicles run faster if you press key Shift.

If you want to have a hostile turn, you can employ a handbrake of your vehicle, and you completely break it by pressing spacebar.

Use key Spacebar and Left Ctrl will let you direct your motorbikes in the air.

Use key V to toggle first and third person.

When you are in ADS, you can keep your breath while you are using key Shift to aim.

Key Page up and Page down can help you alter the weapon zeroing.

Press key G or the mouse wheel scroll for cycling weapons

Use keys 7,8,9 and 0 to use the healing items.

Make the HUG disable if the on-screen markers keep hindering your way, to do so, you must use keys Ctrl+U.

How to move around

You can move through windows by crouching and jumping, then use Space and key C to take a leap higher. Get up onto a ledge that is higher than usual by using key W.

From a balcony, you can reach a roof by crouching and jumping. Open the door first, then crouch-jump onto it, do it again from the top of the door to the roof. This is so perfect for you to snipe.

Some tougher jumps between roofs can be easily done by using crouch-jump onto the railing or raised locations.

If you get away from a grenade and take a leap when it blows up, you will be able to jump higher.

Using your Medkits wisely

In PUBG game, if you want to heal yourself and retrieve your health back to 100%, you need to follow two methods. One is using your medkit, and one is using boost items such as Painkillers, or Energy Drinks. The Medkit will surely regain your health to 100% instantly right after 10 seconds. But if you use boost items, you will be healed over time.

Your health will get back to 75% thanks to bandages and first aid kits. The first aid kits will be effective right after 7 seconds, and you need to apply bandages many times to make it work roughly 1 minute. When you are in a secure zone, you should use bandages soon, then you can preserve your first aid kits so that you can use them for the later battles.

Bandages will heal you through over time, and you can check it by looking at your healtbar that ticks up from the red to fill the white. When the third tick of the health rises up, make sure you employ the next bandage.

If your healing item is decreased down to 0.5 seconds left on the timer, you will be able to begin to move without calling it off.

Handy tips to use the inventory and grenade

The items won’t share the same amount of space in the inventory. Usually, the first aid kits will be larger than bandages. Some types of grenades are similar too like Frags are not as big as Smoke and Stun grenades.

You can equip bigger items. The equipped stuff and ammo won’t occupy more space in the inventory. But if you want to empty a Frag-sized space, just equip the Smoke or Stun grenade. However, if your inventory doesn’t have any vacant space, you must release or use something to change it out for the Frag.

But you are able to place a pin back in a Frag grenade in the game by bringing up your inventory and moving the grenade from the grenade slot to the storage column displayed on the left.

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