PUBG: Tactics For The Noises, Stances and Your Combat

PUBG: Tactics For The Noises, Stances and Your Combat

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Noise is also a crucial element in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds game. Normally, the noise will come from some weapons that you are trying to use against your opponents, or some places will even make some noises too. Besides the noises, all players are recommended to learn effective tactics so they can deal with their rivals as well as dangers around!

Tactics for the noise

Things that make noise in PUBG game

  • Gunfire
  • Driving (~120m)
  • Gun fire that is not silent
  • Sprinting
  • Walking
  • Crouch-walking
  • Reloading
  • Grenade pins
  • A little bit of noise comes from the aim walking
  • Crawling
  • Breaking the window
  • Jumping
  • Standing up or down.
  • Smoke Grenades

There are still several things that won’t cause noises in the game:

  • Pressing key
  • Aiming in
  • Choosing your rate of fire.

If a certain enemy is close to you at somewhere, you can think about moving when more noises happen, like:

  • Your opponent is making a move
  • When the airplane is passing by
  • When the vehicle is moving
  • Noises come from the red zone
  • Noises come from the gun fire

Strategies for stances in PUBG game

Stances are so various, and they mostly count on your specific situation!

Strategies for stances in PUBG game

When you sprint to the Zone

In the case that you are attempting to approach the zone or getting away from a certain gun fire quickly, the gun is being holstered while you are dashing. Probably it’s impossible for you to protect or assault. You won’t be able to spot the rivals easily. So the chances of you being noticed are not low.

When you attack with low danger

Try to dash everywhere as well as obtain stuff quickly. This time, you may take your gun out already. Your action causes many noises, which is a high possibility for you to be noticed. Both of you and your teammates are dispersed around.

When you attack with high danger

The speed of your movement is very slow, and you make a move as just one team. Now, you want to take some fire or hear some noises. But you are unable to gather more quickly than you spread out.

When you are in the mode of detection

You are staying still, but the gun is already taken out. You are trying to hear some noises from the vehicles or the footsteps. You find it easier to catch sight of an enemy. Probably, you are covering yourself in a bush or lying down in the shadows at the back of a tree or even in a building. You will be safe when doing so because nobody can detect you.

When you join the combat

Now you already take out your gun, also, you are well prepared to shoot down some enemies. You don’t move fast, you may crouch and try to move from this cover to another one. This helps you dodge being spotted and blasted by others.

Be sure that you do know the location you are about to move to, and try to learn if you are:

  • Being detected by the enemies easily or not, especially when you are out in the open.
  • Being killed or not, when out in the open without cover.
  • Getting to a certain location with many dangers there.

Several tactics for your fight

When you cover up yourself, peek around the area or even shoot the enemies

You are recommended to draw the attention of the rivals while you are hiding. You can peek out to explore a bit, then start to demolish them. In the case that you are in a close scope, you are able to turn up and fully attack them.

When you hear some noises

Be sure to stop your move instantly, as well as notify your allies to prevent their moves too if you hear something weird. You can try saying like this “shh. I hear something” or “hold up.” Your allies will understand that. Quickly lie down in a grass when the noise comes from a vehicle, no enemies will be able to spot you.

Secure rooms

If you are in a place that you have no clue about, probably there won’t be any others there. Maybe they have gone to somewhere due to the big size of the map. This is a big chance for you to move around looting stuff quickly.

Making some noises

There is no denying that the gun fire, airdrop plane, and even artillery are considered as nice sound covers. Hence, you no need to be scared of being detected, instead, you can sprint toward the rival easily!

Battle concentration

Probably, you won’t be able to think about doing another thing besides killing your enemies while you are in the fight. You may neglect all the things that your allies said. Your brain won’t take anything else so you can focus on fulfilling a risky mission. If your teammate is focusing on the task just like you and you want to get him back to reality, you may try yelling his name, but that won’t be strong enough to turn him into a normal mood. Maybe he is getting stuck in his own world.

Bring a Pistol

You don’t need to attach more weight when you want to place an additional red dot sight on the pistol. When the game reaches towards the end of its phases, you should release all of the ammo in your pistol.

When you get downed

Getting down is an unavoidable thing in PUBG game. So if it happens to you, make sure you release all items from your inventory.

Baiting enemies

After making an opponent down, you should observe him carefully to learn where he will go. Maybe his allies will return to save him. If your enemy has no clue about your location, you should wait till his teammate thinks that it’s totally secure. Then you can turn up to blast him!

Lying down to cover up yourself then vanish away

When you go prone, make sure that you won’t make any moves, or else people will detect your existence. Remember that the grass will always render at a close distance.

Crouching in the bush

If you decide to go crouch in the bush, you may disappear from your enemies efficiently. Maybe you need to get out of it for a little bit when you want to blast your rivals. The gun will poke out, and your legs will be revealed a bit when you go prone too.

Jabbing Idlers

Jabbing the idlers may help you develop the kill or death ratio. You should try to wait until you and others are stationed by the plane automatically. After that, try to snatch up a fun before other drops. The game always has one inactive puncher.

Holstering your gun and sprinting

By doing so, you can totally move a little bit faster.

Camera smash

There is a smash box in the camera. When you attempt to stick out of a window but it’s hard to do that, just try holstering the gun then quickly hitting out that window. It will enable you to rotate the camera out of the window.

Buying time by talking to the people

In PUBG game, it’s so fun when others try to have a talk with you to buy some seconds of their life, especially when they are being downed. Feel free to do so if you want because it may bring you awesome moments. You can even say a few jokes or sing a song.


If someone is concentrating on you, don’t be hesitant to bait him and force him to reach you. Your ally may be waiting for him to move.

Audio Aggro

Shooting your gun will make other learn your current location easily, which gives them a chance to blast you in the rear. It will be like an airdrop when you shoot. If you let them learn where you are, they will surely get an edge over you. But they will still think that you are at somewhere in the old location if you are already gone.

Staying in a cover

When the enemy is covering himself and you are in the fight, he may detect your location, then quickly blast you. He probably will stick out his head and fire the whole of your body. So when you stay in a cover, you won’t be hit like that while trying to collect all info.

When you blast your enemies

Make sure you will only blast them only when you know you will win. Surely you will want to snatch up all of their gears and equipment. But you shouldn’t start doing so if you have no clue about them. You may blast them, then they use a tree to cover up themselves while you are still trying to blast them. This will make your position expose, also, your ammo will go wasteful. Everything is disadvantageous to you, and the worst thing is that the enemy you were blasting will get you down, causing you to meet your doom.

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