PUBG Replay Editor Guide

PUBG Replay Editor Guide

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In Update #24 for your favorite PUBG pc game, it introduced another way to play your match with Vikendi, a snow map, along with the other vehicle and weapon. Besides, the patch also brought back a cooler method to open out experiences worldwide.

Now, we have received an interesting tip reserved for a nice tool called Replay Editor. It allows you to turn all of the automatically saved replays of your own into active video clips. If you intend to show off every action from your conflict by recording the playfield, you should set different angles of the camera as well as provide more effects or export your creations so you can share them with everybody.

How much can you edit? Replay Editor is an exciting item for fans of  PUBG pc download free game. You can catch the footage for the real Vikendi trailer her!

It’s simple to know how to launch functions together with hotkeys of Replay Editor! So, you do not worry about that navigation.

What you can do after you access is to open a replay file in the menu of PUBG pc download game. Next, choose the timeline with the J key. Do not ignore the Edit button at the bottom right to start to discover the Replay Editor Mode!

1.    Key Frames

Key Frames will pick out the location that your editing actions from PUBG steam game can initiate.

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When a Key Frame has been built, the camera position will be preserved immediately. The camera will change between the saved Key Frames if you create a path.

Markers and thumbnails are two objects which will be generated on the timeline whilst the Key Frames are verified. Decide on your Key Frames then!

(From the bottom left of the timeline, you will be able to add Key Frame, discard it, toggle the camera path (from left to right))

Before you experience the present camera movement line, you can switch on the option after setting Key Frames.

Key Frame properties of Replay Editor for users in PUBG pc game will include various alternatives such as skipping the current Key Frame section, producing the targeted people, and turning on or off curved with linear camera motion.

  • Skip
    • Form a Key Frame par to shut out the video play
  • Camera (Free / Player / Follow)
    • The camera path in Replay Editor will pop up between Key Frames. Not only that, it will be overlooked when the Player Camera or Follow Camera are being operated for the happening scene.
  • FOV (5~170)
    • Settle the camera FOV
  • Target Player
    • Opt for the one whom you want the camera to aim. If you do not see anybody, it will move as you’ve manipulated between Key Frames
  • Camera Move (Linear / Curved)
    • Determine the linear or curved camera movement
  • Camera Direction (Blend / Fixed / Orient to Path)
    • You have 3options to master the Replay Editor for PUBG mobile pc game:
      • Blend: The camera looks toward the spot that is opposite it if the Key Frame is made
      • Fixed: Enables the track chosen when the Key Frame is connected
      • OrientToPath: The camera will stand in front of the path
  • Replay Speed (0.25X ~ 2X)
    • Modify the playback speed of Key Frames to improve the speed or activities in PUBG game or vice versa

2.    Effects

For survivors coming from PUBG pc game, they are selected to enhance the replay footage.

Effect’s function will be found at the bottom of the Key Frame menu, and the Dropdown menu there can grow bigger so that you will have the chance to test gettable.

  • Depth of Field
    • Install the camera depth of field
  • Gaussian / Bokeh

Bokeh is considered the out-of-focus spots of a photo.

Meanwhile, Gaussian blur is an algorithm to make many zones on the image unclear.

  • Color Grading (Bleach/Warm/Winter/Fall/Bleak/Horror/Sunset/Moonlight)
    • Alter the color tone of the monitor
  • Bloom (1~100)
    • Offer a glowing effect to the lighting and sunlight and more in order to express them
  • Vignette (1~10)
    • Darken peripheral areas which belong to a certain location in the center

The Effect function will comprise settings which appear often in video editing software. But, it becomes clarified. Therefore, if you or persons from PUBG steam game are not aware of the effects above earlier, you can still utilize them via UI. For skilled players, they can deploy tricks when clips are exported without difficulty.

Effects such as screen filters and vignette will be maintained the Key Frame. If Key Frames work, saved effects will be released instantly later. Images below will show scenes before and after of some Effect menu options.

(No effect)

(DoF, ColorGrading, Bloom, Vignette)

3.    Export

Export function will draw out pictures which are taken from PUBG pc game, based on the starting and ending of the Key Frame that you own.

The most important upper hand to controlling Export over simple screen capture is that you can assemble the best videos with a strong frame although the hardware can crash into the time that you put in to extract better greater resolutions with frame rate clips.

  • Resolutions (Game Setting / HD / FHD / 4K)
    • A variety of higher options. But, they can add more exporting
  • Frame Rate (18 / 24 / 30 / 60 / 120 / 150)
    • For lower frame rates, you will collect a quicker export speed and a smaller file size.
  • Quality (Low / Middle / High)
    • Fix on the quality of the saved video inspired by activities in PUBG ps4
  • Video Length
    • You will be informed about how long a video is
  • File Name
    • You can observe and rework the exported file’s name.

4.    Quick Keys

They are regarded as hotkeys which are similar to buttons that you frequently interact when you are in PUBG pc download game.

  • Save: CTRL+S
  • Export: CTRL+E
  • Apply (Key Frame Setting Panel): Alt+A
  • Reset (Key Frame Setting Panel): Alt+R
  • Cancel (Export Pop-up): Alt+C
  • General view→ Move to Edit Mode: Ctrl+J
  • Edit Mode → Move to General view: Ctrl + Q
  • Hide UI during the edit mode: Ctrl + U
  • Hide Timeline: J
  • Switch Character Spectate: B
  • Switch Camera View: Space

Replay Editor is an attractive product for everybody who loves PUBG steam game. You can handle more clips from PUBG and tell your matches in awe-inspiring new ways. Besides, it’s easy to fulfill a sharable clop or drop the exported file into video editing software or add your touches.

Your feedback will help the dev team improve Replay Editor because it has bugs and known issues.

Hope you enjoyed!

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