PUBG Raise Funds To Give Assistance To Australia

PUBG Raise Funds To Give Assistance To Australia

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According to the team behind PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Australia has been ruined by bushfires that started all the way back in September. Whilst the New South Wales Fire Agency has already said that the fires are contained, the impact that they caused on the humans and wildlife is huge. An estimated 33 people and 1 billion animals died, with many more persons and animals influenced.

PUBG: Australia Fire Relief Charity Sale available to join!

PUBG Corporation decides to raise funds through a short sale to help Australia overcome that hard period. At the moment, the disaster has been controlled. However, the impact that it leaves is uncountable.

PUBG: Australia Fire Relief Charity Sale
PUBG: Australia Fire Relief Charity Sale

They determine to introduce a product. It is called the Australia Fire Relief – Pan skin. It consists of features related to the original art by the community artist @swatercolour. You can buy it for $2.99 with 100% of the profits from each sale will be moved to a specific charity to support Australia.

The Australia Fire Relief – Pan will be obtained on PUBG PC and Console. The time that it is valid can be found here.

  • PC: 19th February – 18th March – $2.99
  • Console: TBA

The sale of the pan skin containing the image of a little Koala and his friend on Console is being paused due to PUBG Update 6.2 has been rescheduled. The new sales schedule will be declared in the near future via a separate announcement. After the event is finished, they will send the funds via a lump sum donation to the charity that they chose before.

PUBG Corporation's official Twitter
PUBG Corporation’s official Twitter

After the skin sale campaign to raise money for Australia, PUBG Corp. shared that “For those who purchase the pan, we thank you for your contribution to this effort. If the pan is not for you, we encourage you to research the disaster relief efforts and donate directly to a charity of your choosing. It will take some time for Australia and its environment to recover from a disaster of this scale, but we are thankful to be in a position where we can help in some way and are grateful to have fans like you willing to contribute to such a worthy cause.”

Recently, victims in Wuhan were also helped by PUBG with a charity of nearly $ 3 million. It makes PUBG more beloved. Actually, donating to assist somebody when they are in danger is a must and very respectable.

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