PUBG PC: How To Survive In “Hot Drop” Area

PUBG PC: How To Survive In “Hot Drop” Area

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 Not only in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds but the Hot Drop term is also familiar to gamers of games based on the Battle Royale genre. Hot Drop is used in order to describe territories containing a large number of items. They are often big cities or centers of maps. Specifically, in PUBG, they are schools, Pochinki (Erangel) with Pecardo, and Hacienda del Patrón (Mirama).

How to stay alive in PUBG PC Hot Drop location

Dissimilar to skillful players in PUBG PC when they usually select Hot Drop to practice their abilities, the newbie will get many crazy troubles if they randomly land on those places. Even, they can be killed in a wink.

Play PUBG PC game you may want to become the last standing man to conquer the top spot. However, it is not simple to complete your target when you have to face-to-face hundreds of enemies at once and fall into numerous deadly regions. Along with PUBG: How To Use Moto Glider To Loot, the cool instruction that we show you below will help you collect some useful clues to increase your winning chance of your own. It’s time to start your job!

  1. Parachute as fast as possible – The first step among the current PUBG guides

It is considered the first lesson in the PUBG beginner’s guide if you unexpectedly choose Hot Drop to drop. Try to hit the ground swiftly! The best position is the roofs of buildings because your parachute can rest faster and they frequently hide guns, or at least, you can escape the range of other gunners.

After PUBG Corp. launches its game, you are recommended to jump out of the plane when the distance between you and the destination is around 1.2-1.3 km and the distance between opening the parachute and the ideal dropping address is about 150m. Further, looting is important to get an edge over other persons!

  1. Opt for weapons – the second method to survive in PUBG Hot Drop

When you have landed on the ground in PUBG, particularly in Hot Drop, it’s not easy to gather good weapons. However, you can overcome initial obstacles if you understand how to deploy them.

For example, please prioritize an SMG if you have it and an AR. It is helpful for you to fire and shoot down the rival rapidly.

Meanwhile, Shotgun is not a bad option from PUBG weapon list for the novice. But, it has a low shooting speed. Therefore, you are advised to shoot the prey and cover your body alternatively to avoid being killed.

For Sniper Rifles, they will be greater for the mid-game and late-game or in Hot Drop where aggressive crowds and close-range battles are waiting for you.

Don’t worry! You can pick out items from the post All Types Of Melee Weapons In PUBG Game That You Should Know to defend and hit such as pan, crowbar, machete and more. Do not ignore fists if you have not possessed any gun!

  1. Evade and move in PUBG Hot Drop carefully!

It is effective to keep track of somebody in PUBG Mobile and defeat them after that, too. In unsafe spots, it’s not difficult to search for choke points or roaming tactics of other players. So, you can recognize the most appropriate whereabouts to conceal and camp the foes. But, you shouldn’t hide in the same zone multiple times or you will be found. Always listen to noises, sounds and catch every strange sign in the surroundings! Perhaps, someone is watching you nearby!

  1. Flexibility in combat – An essential suggestion to everybody within PUBG

To be an expert survivor when living in Hot Drop you do not skip PUBG tips and tricks here. Remember that tutorials or practices are just relative. For a survival game like PUBG, you will be required to be flexible in every case or simply in Hot Drop.

Acting surprisingly can prevent the enemy from counterattacking and knock him down instantly. Control your activities and do not rush outside when you witness a clash! Keep an eye on everything around your space and immediately leave before another gunfight happens

  1. Your psychological factor is needed in PUBG Hot Drop

It is the final piece of the latest PUBG news that we are introducing to you. Keep CALM if you put yourself into Hot Drop not for training your skills! When you feel nervous and panic while you are a new player, you cannot win as you desire. It’s only a game and you’d better relax while joining!

If you read the entire PUBG PC Guide: How To Survive In “Hot Drop” Area, you will realize that you can stay away from plenty of hazardous circumstances without effort and you can win if you combine it with other strategies. Why don’t you share what you have already uncovered with your friends and invite them to catch up with the newest updates on our site? Have fun!

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