PUBG Guide – The Setup and Basic Controls

PUBG Guide – The Setup and Basic Controls

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PUBG Guide - The Setup and Basic Controls

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game can become harder a bit to the players, especially the beginners. Hence, it will be much better for them if they take a look at the basic guides and tips which will help them get past all the dangers and challenges in the game.

Learning the setup and basic controls in PUBG

  • You must use key X to put your weapon away. This will let you run 6% faster.
  • If you boost your vehicles, you will consume more fuel. Also, they will become more difficult to turn and manage without skidding.
  • If you want to fuel it again, you must let the vehicle stay unmoved. However, you are still able to recharge it when you’re in the car. To do so, you must click the right mouse button on the canister in your inventory.
  • Be sure to utilize the map markers always. Also, you need to yell out specific directions when you are in a team. (Use the numbers and North/South/East/West).
  • Feel free to be in the voice chat of the game. However, you should adjust the chat to party-only. Sometimes, you can even hear the rival teams because they didn’t remember adjusting theirs to private.
  • You can press key B to turn on/off your rate of fire.
  • The game features three kinds of aiming, including hip fire, a more correct hip fire (use the right mouse button), as well as aiming-down-sights (click the right mouse button)

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