PUBG Console Dev Report #3

PUBG Console Dev Report #3

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PUBG Console Dev Report #3

Levels of detail

A brand new console development report for PUBG Pc is available! We will talk about a variety of levels of detail and the importance of it for game performance.

As you know, you are able to find many dissimilar stages, based on current situations. We may want to choose a higher or a lower level to look for the most appropriate possible balance between the performance and the visual quality of PUBG. Meanwhile, the main aim is to improve your gaming experience.

So, PUBG pc download will control 3 levels, depending on the actual circumstance. They will amount from 0 to 2. The LOD 0 will be the highest of the three. The higher the level of detail, the bigger the resource cost, which will influence how PUBG performs.

You can see that the operation of PUBG steam game is actually necessary. Furthermore, it should not cause any danger to the gameplay.

For instance, you can recognize that a few buildings look like clay models when they are seen from a distance while you are parachuting. That happens due to they are rendered at the lowest of the 3 levels of detail. At the start of PUBG pc download free game, the nearest houses can have that aspect because PUBG has to manage a huge amount of data. Next, they head to LOD 0 (the highest) as fast as they can, being contingent on what your hardware gives.

Three different levels of detail are used to your players: Mesh, Bone, and AnimNode. We will begin by pointing the problem revolving around Mesh and Bone with the core of the subject of the report, AnimNode.

Mesh and Bone LOD

The Mesh will affect the level of detail of the character model. When somebody in PUBG pc is near you, he will appear in LOD 0 and you can run away from him. His rendering will be less then. It occurs little by little. Therefore, we move from LOD 0 to 1 and 2, and vice versa, when we approach closer. You will not often pay attention to those transitions because they take place from a distance, at a location in which competitors on the screen of PUBG are tiny.

The Bone will be operated in the same method, but it decides the number of bones deployed during character activation. In other words, PUBG pc download game will not solve detailed animations that could lessen performance. In case the level is weaker, the game engine will deal with less vertex and bone. And, that can boost performance.

When we had the other levels like LOD 3 or 4, it would upgrade the performance of PUBG more by decreasing the material cost. Nevertheless, it will occupy lots of memory in the console and it is not successful at that stage.

AnimNode LOD

Animations in PUBG steam game have a level of detail named AnimNode LODs, too. But, it cannot be selected as frequently as Mesh LOD or Bone LOD because it can modify something.

Animations are inspired by controlling the skeleton of your character. The game engine will determine the kind of member animation after member. So, it is obligatory to display calculations for parts like arms, legs, and more.

Hence, another way has been built to do that, according to the size. Afterward, parameters will be established and the engine can auto-run and pick out a less detailed AnimNode LOD for those who are far enough away that you will not observe the loss of quality. It acts on the improvement of the game performance with no negative impact on the gameplay or visuals.

Remember that for the visual examples below, AnimNode LOD changes for PUBG Pc are carried out at a short distance to indicate how the process engages. But, they will only come about at a great distance when you join PUBG pc.

First examples of AnimNode LOD:

PUBG Console Dev Report #3

The image is from a game development environment. In reality, if you enjoy PUBG, the AnimNode LOD will be just switched off at a great distance.

When the AnimNode LOD does not work, character animations will be also turned off so as to make the performance stronger. But, it must be started if you are squatting or you will be forced to stand up.

In the following instance, still in the development environment, the AnimNode LOD is incapacitated when you take over 10% of the screen.

In PUBG ps4, the AnimNode LOD is put out of action for those who are too small to spot the difference.

PUBG Console Dev Report #3

PUBG Console Dev Report #3

You are recommended to think of what can transpire when you utilize a telescope to watch someone positioned far from you.

If it arises, the enlarged one conquers a bigger area of the place and the AnimNode LOD is triggered on to make sure that there will not be any bad crash on the gameplay.

We have another example of an AnimNode LOD encoded to block itself when the model seizes 10% of the playfield. It should grant a clearer illustration of what is occurring.

PUBG Console Dev Report #3

Once more, when you participate in PUBG, those changes will only crop up when a player is very far away and lodges in a minimal portion of the screen.

AnimNode performance

The graph will reveal a comparison between an AnimNode LOD activated (blue) and another disabled (red) when you are surrounded by 10 enemies in PUBG pc download. Hide the AnimNode LOD to ameliorate performance by approximately 10%.

AnimNode performance

Note! The data for the chart is obtained by using an Xbox One X.

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