New Tips For You To Master PUBG Game

New Tips For You To Master PUBG Game

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Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds game is such a tough Multiplayer survive game for you to complete. To become an ultimate winner, you must be the best player of all that always plays with excellent tactics. Below here are some tips for you to hide, or join a combat, or learn that you’re in for a fight, as well as check out an in-game map.

Covering yourself and joining the combat

PUBG The Final 10

The nice tactic is that you can sneakily engage in the last few players. However, this won’t let you know the true feelings of the battle. You are advised to play some games spawning in several busy locations if you want to check out the feeling of the battling and weapons.

You should think about hiding offshore in a boat to become invisible to others. Maybe you could choose to hide at a back of a cliff which can’t be seen by anybody. Also, if you have some extra fuel, you can use it to speed up and get to the secure zone on the map.

You can land your headshots on the enemies if you decide to take a leap while trying to melee assaulting. You can deal great damage to them if you combine the headshot punches with the melee weapons.

Don’t be hesitant to counter attack someone trying to hit you without using any weapons.

Don’t engage in a combat fast! If you are trying to have some practice, just elude the battle as much as you can. You won’t be sure if you can win or not, so it’s a high chance for you to be unable to escape.

Getting away from dangers or from a combat is not that hard! If you are on foot, just be sure to follow the zig-zag. The enemies only hunt you down in some specific cases.

If you only have bad gear, you should learn how to use it wisely, not becoming greedy to get good ones. Having a shotgun or SMG in your hand, you should stay inside the buildings and constricted zones. But you should elude the buildings like the plague if crossbow and an adequate scope are all what you have. You need to search for a high zone to snipe others.

If you are staying in some wooden huts and there is an opponent coming, make sure you jump out of the hut quickly then shoot at them faster. Don’t just stay in there! A smart layer won’t be hesitant to shoot or finish off those huts, and if they do, you will die for sure.

Learning that you are in for the combat

Mastering the art of learning is always a good thing to do. Also, you need to look around the corners throughout the fight. You should learn that if you lean to the right, a part of your body will be revealed to others.

Using a boost item, such as Painkillers or Energy Drinks is a good thing you have to do before running across a deadly open zone or learning that a battle is coming. These items can heal you through over time, which gets you stronger!

A great way for you to ambush others is to take a look around the corners while you are still covering yourself. However, you need to learn that your character model will still make some moves when releasing it. This can cause you to be spotted when you try to become a bush.

Baiting others is so fun, and to do so, you need to loot items, particularly First Aid kits. After looting them, you should leave some items on the floor in the center of the room. When an opponent gets into the building, they will see the items there, and quickly gather them all without thinking that you’re already here. This is a perfect chance for you to kill them.

When you camp inside a building, make sure you truly know the way that the door will swing inwards. You need to cover yourself carefully to the side of the opening door. By doing this, when someone gets in, they don’t see you, and when they turn around to close the door, you’re already there quickly shooting at them before they can shoot you back.

Make sure you always stay watchful for the surroundings, look around before entering a building. Seeing a lot of loots doesn’t mean the entire building is secure. Always remember that!

To get rid of some small huts and buildings, you should employ your grenades.

Don’t utilize Smoke grenades because your position will be revealed. Also, the smoke can cause you to be unable to see around since your vision is filled with smoke, which makes it hard to spot the enemies.

The final 10

After reaching the smaller secure zones, and the game has several the final 10 or 15 players, probably you will want to get rid of all people left to become the ultimate survivor. But you should think about a possibility when the enemies get through your attacks. Since the area is not large, you will surely meet them once again when the game comes to its later stage. This time, they may blast you back.

If you are the first one reaching the final zone, you need to build a position in which the flank is totally safe. But if you are the late person reaching the zone, you should wait outside prior to moving. Pay attention to the blue circle and move around the borders of the zone. Perhaps, a certain person is watching your direction. However, if the secure zone is not big, lots of people are left, and you become the furthest person one away. They surely won’t concentrate on killing you. They will destroy others first.

Knowing and understanding the map is an important thing. Try to find out the PUBG map, select the places to go, and make sure you have your own reasons to reach those places.

If it’s a secure zone you reach early, also, you have some great weapons in your hands, you should camp a building outside of the secure zone. Pay attention to the windows and doors. If you see the blue circle begins to shut, the players will have to show up themselves, go into the open and then you can totally shoot them.

Don’t use trees as your cover all the time! They are not the good ones for you to hide. Instead, you should think about using a forest as your visual cover if you have to move long distances. You need to know that you will be revealed on three sides if you get behind a narrow tree. Also, by doing that, you won’t be able to see stuff clearly because of the trunk in front of you.

At the final stage that only has three players left, if you aren’t spotted yet, just let it be! Unless you are sure that you can win, then you will be able to join the combat. You no need to risk yourself killing others. Instead, you should let the two others get rid of each other. Surely their positions will be revealed, then you can take a chance to blast them all.

Map in PUBG game

Map in PUBG Game

There are around one or two structures that don’t appear on the map. Most outstanding of these is the compound of underground bunkers.

Not all zones will have the same spawn rates for the items, like vehicles, loot, weapons. At set locations, you will surely get a better standard of loot.

In the high-loot spawning zones, you can check out some identified zones that spawn a lot of guns and weapons. If you make a decision on landing in one of those locations, you can get a lot of items.

From the flight path of the plane, you can glide roughly 1.25 kilometers, from the point that your parachute sets off.

You can use the right mouse button to release the markers on the map. Dropping the markers can help you coordinate with a team or follow your individual target zone. To get an accurate directional tracking, don’t forget to utilize the compass which utilizes specific numbers.

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