More Ground Combat Tactics In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Game

More Ground Combat Tactics In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Game

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If you are a big fan of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds game, you are suggested to learn more tactics for the ground combat if you want to become the last man standing. It’s never useless when you try to explore and follow the given strategies because they will tell you what you should do in order to keep yourself alive throughout the combat. There is no denying that the fight in PUBG game is getting more and more difficult when it’s almost the end of the game, especially when you are one of the last few of peoples that are still alive.

Effective further tactics for you in PUBG game

Try to blast people that are going prone

Once a person is shot, they will try to go prone as fast as they can.The Grass is the main element that they use to vanish away from you. If you decide to fire the grass in which they are going prone even though you are unable to see anything, it will be a high chance for you to get rid of them. Shoot everything that is in your sight, even if it is blood. But if you get shot by someone else, just try to get to the side to cover up yourself. Your enemy won’t give up on you! They will keep shooting until you get defeated.

Keep the airplane flight path in your mind

If you try to keep the flight path of the airplane in your mind or speculate the number of the individuals that are dropped, you will be able to approximate and guess the future risk.

High Ground


It will be a classic tactic if you decide to take the high ground. It’s not easy for you to move up there. But once you get up there, you are able to see almost everything below. It will be a risk for the people that are still on the low ground.

Cutting off and escaping

If someone blasts you from behind, and you decide to run away, you can turn around to look and then use the bushes or trees to block his field of fire. Make sure your sprinting route is altered and planned properly.

Talking after dying


One of the most interesting points of PUBG game is that you are still able to talk even if you die. You can totally scream out loud to lure the enemy that destroyed you. When he gets to you, maybe he will be killed.

Looting the boxes

PUBG Looting the Boxes



It’s so great to loot the boxes because most of them will contain amazing leftover things. Probably they were dropped by some players who didn’t need them anymore.

Crouching under the summit of the hill

You are able to crouch under the hilltop and also see through the hill! No need to be scared of being spotted by others because it’s totally safe. You can stand up then blast, or crouch down again to protect yourself.

Sprint behind the hill


You are highly recommended to sprint below the summit of the hill in order to cover yourself. If you move on the top, maybe you will be revealed to the hillsides.

The main weapon should be kept on 1, while the second one should be kept on 2

It’s up to you to keep the long-range weapon on 1, and the medium range weapon on 2. If you don’t like it, you can swap. But make sure you follow the basics so you can remain steady during the game.

Stand up to blast and crouch down to cover

Stand Up to Blast and Crouch Down to Cover

When you move behind a hill, you are able to stand up for blasting the enemies. But when someone hits you, you need to crouch down behind a hill to cover up yourself then start healing your wounds. Move away from your original position a bit. You can follow this strategy if there are no trees around you.

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