More effective tactics for the ground combat in PUBG game

More effective tactics for the ground combat in PUBG game

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Continue to explore some awesome tactics that are helpful for you in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds game! The tactics will let you know what you should do and how to do it during the combat in PUBG. Also, you can take this chance to learn more tips!

PUBG Ground Combat Tactics

Further ground combat tactics


When you are not in the zone, and you see a hill to your left, along with one to your right, and many shelters ahead of you, with only one package at the back, you won’t prolong your life since some enemies will shoot you down from 4 dangerous locations. But you can think about reaching a spot in which there are only 3 danger zones, or even just one. It will surely be Audio aggro if you get shot. When you are in those dangerous areas, your concentration will be weakened through over time, which can cause you to meet your doom.

Calculate range in a rough way

Be sure to employ the mini-map when you need to calculate the range because it always gives you a right estimation of your rival. You can even use it to alter your weapon once again.

Shelter camping

In PUBG game, the shelters are considered as strongholds! If you stay in a shelter, probably you will get stuck inside. The enemies will surround the entrances, which makes you unable to escape.

Destroy the feed

Throughout the first stage, you won’t find the feed useful because maybe it displays too much information. But when the game reaches its conclusion, you can get necessary information about your opponent from the feed. You can find out things that your rivals possess by discovering the killing field. When you learn that they got an AWM, just take a guess that he owns up to 10 medkits, an M249 Saw, 10 grenades, a ghillie suit and more.

Prone Camera

If you decide to hide in grass, you won’t be able to aim above or under a certain amount. Be sure to inspect the aim so you will know whether is possible to aim at several areas or not.

Hug or skirt the zone

It’s always safe for you to roam the edge or the zone. The people get into the zone so deeply. In addition, all of your edges are covered.

Commencing the flight path of the plane

People start to gather around in some zones that are close to the flight path of the plane. They will get closer to the line of the flight path. Most of them try to drop out soon and get into high building zones. It’s a high chance for you to not see people if you walk far away from the flight path of the plane.

Stand and watch other opponents destroy each other

If you catch sight of two people battling against each other, don’t do anything but waiting for them to kill each other. If one survives, he will surely grab the supplies and items of his enemy, this will be a big chance for you to jump out and blast him, then snatch up all the stuff.

Try to cope with covered people

Don’t forget to release a grenade at your enemies. They will surely run away, and you take this chance to blast them.

Carefully listen to the gunfire

Once hearing a shooting sound, you may know that someone is battling against his enemies from a far scope. But if you hear they shoot faster, they must be shooting a close scope target.


You will get the best camouflage when crawling into the darkness.

Hiding behind a tree

You can use trees as your cover when the zone is shutting. Try your hardest to hide quickly, collect more information, then, start to blast your rivals. Going prone behind a tree is not a good choice because a part of your body will be exposed a bit, which is enough for your rival to blast you.

Let people survive

No need to blast all people in the game! If you learn that they are in a building, as well as know their current place, you can use your tactics to lure other enemies to kill them. After that, you can fire the windows of the building of that enemy using your suppressed weapon, then, try to draw their attention to the building. Just stay back and watch them battling against each other. They’re going to destroy each other. While they are looting, you can start your assaults.


Stealth is a crucial element in PUBG! If you blast an unsilenced, it will be a high chance for your position to be exposed. If you stay in a tiny zone, others will surely know your location. If you get audio aggro, you may get blasted for sure. Using a silenced weapon to shoot at will may get them confused. Also, they will be terrified and will dash out in the open, then you take this chance to blast them!

The amount of ammo you should bring

200 rifle ammo can be perfect for your battle! When the game reaches its late stages, make sure you drop some that are unnecessary. Try to empty your inventory so you can collect more items faster.


Insulting the dead rivals can make you feel awesome. But it’s up to you to insult them. You can make fun of them when you do know that your location is safe.


Your location won’t be known by the enemies if you utilize a suppressed gun. You should shoot them at will.

Have your patience

Having patience can be a key element that leads you to the success. Make sure you are a patient player so you can get an edge over your enemies as well as make right decisions during the battle.

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