Learn All Tips For Melee Combat, How To Use Weapons And Vehicles In PUBG Game

Learn All Tips For Melee Combat, How To Use Weapons And Vehicles In PUBG Game

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will present to you a melee combat, a lot of amazing weapons, armor, various airdrops as well as vehicles. These are fundamental items and things you must check out before joining PUBG game.

Melee Combat

Learn All Tips For Melee Combat, How To Use Weapons And Vehicles In PUBG Game

There are two words that can describe “Melee Combat”, which are “hit” or “miss”. But normally, you miss a lot of times. The melee can only work when the game has just started. You need to make sure that you already prepare a pan so you can stop all the shots coming from various directions, even the arrows too.

Punching like a Superman

Learn All Tips For Melee Combat, How To Use Weapons And Vehicles In PUBG Game

You need to jump while you are running and punch your enemies when you are in the air. If you do so, you are able to inflict more damage on them.

Head Punching

If you aim for the faces of the enemies, you can deal more damage. Use the first person mode, then, try to aim at their head. This will help you hit their head easily.

Weapons and Armor

Learn All Tips For Melee Combat, How To Use Weapons And Vehicles In PUBG Game

There are several types of weapons in PUBG game.

Assault Rifles

They are all roughly in the game. The M4, AK, and Scar always have full auto.


The similar amount of damage will be given out by all the shotguns, only excluding for the auto. When people are at the close range, these guns will inflict high damage on them.

2 Shot Shotgun: It’s not fast.

S12K: This kind of gun will help you wipe out the whole team staying in a house.

Sniper Rifles

VSS: It’s very quiet, however, it’s not strong. Using this won’t let people know who is firing them.

Kar98K:  It can inflict high damage on enemies, but it’s not fast. Also, it’s good at shooting at a far range.

SKS: It can deal high damage, and it can shoot fast.

AWM: Use this if you are aiming for the headshots.

Machine Guns

The Sub-Machine guns are fairly good. They are usually picked by lots of people for the close fight.

M249: It can help you destroy cards in just a bit, and you can use it to wipe out all people inside the cars.

Sub-Machine Guns

Vector: It’s extremely quick


These guns can work very well for the first battle. You shouldn’t use them when your game reaches further stages.


The reloading time of crossbow is not fast. But if it is equipped with the quiver, it can reload 30% faster. This weapon doesn’t make any noise. You may find it hard to attack things that are farther than 100m. If you use the crossbow to attack the enemies, you can’t kill them instantly. They surely will go behind a tree or find a shelter, then, start to heal themselves.


  • Limbs – 52.5


  • Level 0 – 105
  • Level 1 – 74
  • Level 2 – 64
  • Level 3 – 47


  • Level 0 – 263
  • Level 1 – 184
  • Level 2 – 156
  • Level 3 – 118

The gear at level 3 that is damaged is still much better than the gear at level 2 that is still undamaged, and this could be because of the higher damage defense.


Airdrop can be a key element that leads to the death of many players. Most of the airdrops will have developed weapons, such as SAW, AWM, strong ammo, and Ghillie Suit. If you put a ghillie suit one, you can almost become invisible when you lay down and have nothing on the back. This will cause people to swarm these things. You shouldn’t get close to them, but if you do, just make sure you are well prepared for the battle.

You can only get into the zone filled with items if you think you have a chance to move in and out easily. Don’t stay right beside the package for too long, because if you do so, it will be a high possibility for you to battle against more enemies. Escape this zone faster!

The first package you should take is the one that no one is ready to snatch up. Follow the steps below:

  • Make your inventory of garbage empty so that you can have more space
  • Drive in with your car
  • Package releases in just a few seconds.
  • Steal everything in just only 3 seconds.
  • Drive away this zone.

There is a case that can happen to you. When the package has been put down on the ground for 45 seconds, you can get to it by crawling, move within 10 meters of it, five snipers blast you, and you end up dying.

You are able to grab the package then try to drive your car away from the zone. Make sure that the package can land on your hood or the windshield area.

It’s unable for the package to drop on top of you, and destroy you.


There are some types of the vehicles in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds game. You can check them out below. But remember that these vehicles below only have basic stats without boost.


  • Top speed – 150 km/ h, Boost N/A
  • Fuel – 5% fuel /km
  • Health – 1000 (25 * 5.56 ammo) (21 * 7.62 ammo) (29 * 9 ammo)

The bike is very quick! But you find it difficult to fire when you ride it at maximum speed. It’s not steady.

Bike Side Car

  • Top speed – 137 km/ h, Boost N/A
  • Fuel – 5.5% fuel /km
  • Health – 1000 (25 * 5.56 ammo) (21 * 7.62 ammo) (29 * 9 ammo)

It’s considered as a death trap and it’s not steady. It can make you move at a maximum speed. But if you hit a pebble, your vehicle will tip over like 10 times. If this happens, all people inside the car will die.

Buggy (2 man car)

  • Top speed – 91 km/ h, Boost 91 km/ h
  • Fuel – 4% fuel /km
  • Health – 1550 (38 * 5.56 ammo) (33 * 7.62 ammo) (45 * 9 ammo)

Buggy has a nice speed, but it’s very revealed. You should use it when you go over hills.


  • Top speed – 89 km/ h, Boost 116 km/ h
  • Fuel – 4.5% fuel /km
  • Health – 1800 (44 * 5.56 ammo) (38 * 7.62 ammo) (52 * 9 ammo)

This is a nice car that doesn’t tip over too much. It can defend you well, but it won’t be able to move fast on hills.


  • Top speed – 84 km/ h, Boost 95 km/ h
  • Fuel – 5.5% fuel /km
  • Health – 2000 (49 * 5.56 ammo) (42 * 7.62 ammo) (58 * 9 ammo)

This one is also very great for hills.


  • Top speed – 74 km/ h, Boost 91 km/ h
  • Fuel – 5.5% fuel /km
  • Health – ???

The hard-top vehicle is always better and more useful than the soft-top one. With the hard top one, you will be fully defended from the bullets.

Until the vehicle almost completely stops, you can get out of it. If you leave it before it stops, you will end up dying or taking damage.

You shouldn’t hit anything while you are driving the car. If you hit one, the people inside the car will bear some brain damage.

You can speed up your car if you press key Shift. But when you go at a faster speed, your vehicle will consume more fuel. You can speed up bikes.

If the motorcycles are with the side car, they will tip over at higher speeds, destroying all people inside.

The motorcycle can be driven and used indoors, so feel free to use it.

It takes somewhat distance for the motorcycles to reduce their speed when they are at top speeds.

If you see a building with a vehicle close by, it’s the sign telling you that the building is settled by someone else.

You will normally see the vehicles right beside the roads or garages. If they appear at anywhere else, don’t trust that! You can get trapped easily.

The seats can be changed by pressing key Ctrl and #

The vehicles are able to move over wooden barriers, mental fencing, a lot of fences that are linked together. However, thick trees and rocks are things that they can’t move over.

Don’t pop out when you want to aim if you don’t hit any stuff. You won’t die if you use the armor of the vehicle.

The vehicles will cause a lot of noise which will make other players notify your existence.

You should use the right mouse button on a gas can in the inventory so that you can fuel your car.

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