How To Keep Off The Enemy Detection In PUBG PC

How To Keep Off The Enemy Detection In PUBG PC

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Avoiding being spotted is quite important if you want to win. You may have learned some PUBG PC guides before. Most of them concentrate on how to win PUBG PC by providing many useful tips to help players conquer challenges easily in battles. And this PUBG Survival Guide below here will not disappoint you. You will know how to hide your enemies and avoid getting detected by enemies during the game, increasing your chances of survival and victory.

Avoiding getting detected by an enemy in PUBG PC game is really not too difficult if you are careful a little bit. There are a few good tips to help you cover yourself while in the battle with the enemies. Remember, if you get detected, while you are not ready to respond to their attacks, the chance of being killed is very high. Therefore, make sure you equip yourself with a few basic tricks to deal with enemies.

PUBG tips and tricks to avoid being discovered by the enemies

Make sure you select a great place for hiding

The places for hiding should not be too dangerous. If you hide at places that enemies can easily spot you, your chance of surviving is very low. Keep moving from this area to another one and make use of the terrain around you to your advantage. By doing so, you can dodge the enemy’s detection easily.

Don’t forget to roughly calculate the place that your enemy will appear. You can use some hints to speculate, like the gunfire sounds, vehicles, door opening and more. Your opponents probably emerge from a lot of angles in the later blue zone. It is very important to observe the surroundings, the Feed Kill as well as listen to the sounds of gunfire from everywhere. No matter what situation it is, you must have some plans ready to deal with it.

Cover yourself from enemies using suitable clothes

Choosing a suitable outfit for the fight is also a crucial thing to do, especially if you want to cover yourself from enemies. The colors of PUBG Maps are always bright, which means you should not choose outfits contrasting with the ground and trees. Make sure you stay away from the zones that are illuminated, such as white walls, or white stones. You are recommended to wear dark clothes, making others unable to detect you. Crouch whenever you are able to!

Stay quiet to avoid the detection of enemies

When moving around areas or performing any actions during the game, try to make as little noise as possible. The noise can come from the gunfire, so don’t shoot if you cannot kill your enemy. Because once shooting, it will draw the attention of other players, and they will follow the direction of the sound to see what happened there, which means they can come to your place.

When you enter a certain building and it has a person inside, you should not move strongly. Instead, try to move softly, walk slowly and even crouch whenever you can. By doing so, you can avoid the enemy’s detection.

Above are all the PUBG tips and tricks to help you dodge the detection of enemies. If you are having difficulty in hiding in PUBG PC game, then follow what was mentioned above to easily cope with your enemies, which grow your chances of surviving and winning. Moreover, the above methods also help you destroy enemies more easily.

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