How To Increase FPS PUBG PC

How To Increase FPS PUBG PC

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How to boost FPS PUBG PC

We will show you the best PUBG settings for FPS 2019 here. PUBG PC is a game having a high configuration, coming with many bugs and the ability to optimize is not strong. It is the reason why you are recommended to increase FPS PUBG PC if you expect to run your match smoothly. It is possible for you to refer the guide below for free.

How To Boost FPS PUBG PC

What is FPS in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds?

FPS stands for Frame per Second. The higher FPS is, the smoother the game will become. The frame will not jerk and make you unpleasant. The minimum FPS for PUBG on Steam is 60, and it can reach 120. But, it is really difficult to enjoy PUBG PC 60 FPS. If you want to do that with 120 FPS, you do not forget to own a stronger computer.

How to enhance FPS PUBG PC

Here is the detailed tutorial that you can use to master how to increase PUBG FPS.

Step 1: Access your favorite game in which you can choose appropriate settings to complete your mission.

How to enhance FPS PUBG PC

Step 2: Look for the right corner to find the Settings icon. Hit it to start to fix!

How to enhance FPS PUBG PC

Step 3: A menu will pop up and you can begin to set and adjust for PUBG PC.

How to enhance FPS PUBG PC

Step 4: You will open Video with two separate parts. At first, try to acquaint with Display Settings in PUBG the game.

How to enhance FPS PUBG PC

Display Mode: The Display Mode will include fullscreen. Fullscreen (Windowed) is the default and helps you tab out quickly enough, especially in case you are controlling a second screen beside it.

Display Resolution: You are advised to aim for 1920 x 1080 because it is the standard for full HD. It is an important setting that can influence the FPS of your adventure.

Lobby FPS Limit: It will indicate FPS level on the waiting screen

In-game FPS Limit: Shows FPS in PUBG PC

Smoothed Frame Rate: Makes the best use of FPS instead of graphics or details

Advanced Settings

We will move to the explanation about the most effective PUBG settings for FPS 2019.

How to enhance FPS PUBG PC

Overall Quality – It is feasible for you to select pre-made settings. Nevertheless, after you refine something, it will set to Custom.

Screen Scale: Lessens “jaggy” edges in PUBG game download by asking it to render at a higher resolution than the monitor can output

Anti-Aliasing: Choosing it to cut down the appearance of jagged lines. It can affect the performance of some games. For PUBG, it is amazingly small.

Post-Processing: Upgrades the general visual quality. The process has a big effect on FPS if switched up, but a quite minimal impact on the visuals. So, almost people keep it low.

General visual quality improvements that are performed after the game’s rendering is done, post-processing has quite a high impact on FPS when turned up, but a fairly minimal impact on the visuals, hence most players keeping it low.

Shadows: The shadow effect in PUBG free download for PC.

Textures: Change it to medium or above, and all else to very low to balance visuals and performance

Effects: Comprises effects of explosions, blood splatter, and smoke

Foliage: Effects for trees, plants, and grass

View Distance: Manages how close items should be before they appear

V-Sync: It is a setting that makes the game’s frame rate to sync with the refresh rate of the monitor to diminish some matters such as screen tearing and visual artifacts appearing.

Motion Blur: Like V-Sync, it will keep that off. Turn it on to intentionally blur to the screen while you are spinning rapidly

Sharpen: The sharpness of the scenery in PUBG PC

How to enhance FPS PUBG PC

How to Display FPS in PUBG PC

If you wonder whether FPS can hit 60 or not, you can opt for software to measure. Further, the Steam system will be available for you to do that in your PUBG PC game.

Step 1: On the Steam interface, press the Menu and Settings

How to Display FPS in PUBG PC

Step 2: Head to In-game section to seek In-game FPS counter

How to Display FPS in PUBG PC

Step 3: Decide on 4 positions

How to Display FPS in PUBG PC

Step 4: Restart Steam!

How to Display FPS in PUBG PC

Afterward, there will be green signs showing FPS in PUBG.

How to Display FPS in PUBG PC

In addition to PUBG FPS Tips involved in how to advance FPS for PUBG PC, you can figure out tricks for mobile.

Good luck!

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