Handy tips for you when you already join a fight in PUBG Game

Handy tips for you when you already join a fight in PUBG Game

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Handy tips for you when you already join a fight in PUBG Game

If you know that you’re already in for a combat in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game, you should take a look at some interesting tips which will help you fight against the enemies properly, as well as help cover up yourself, or even get past all dangers.

Handy tips for you when you learn that you’re ready for a combat.

You should spend your time to know the art of learning, or look around the locations by using key Q and E throughout the battle. If you lean to the right, a part of your body will be revealed.

When you learn an upcoming fight, or when you have to traverse a deadly open zone, you should utilize Painkillers or Energy Drinks, because it’s very essential for healing over time and gaining additional speed.

The long grass will restore at a short distance, like less than 150 meters away. However, some players even restore it from a further distance. If you count on the long grass and use it as your cover, you can be spotted by a sniper effortlessly at long distance.

Handy tips for you when you already join a fight in PUBG Game

You can peek around the zone by utilizing key Alt while you are using your cover, which is very good for ambushes. However, you should know that your character is still able to move a bit when you let loose it. This will cause you to be spotted easily when you’re trying to be a bush.

You can create nice bait if you loot the items, particularly healing things, like First Aid Kits. You should leave some loot items on the floor in the center of a room. This will make the rivals believe that this building is fully secure.

Once setting up a camp in a building, you should learn the way that the door swings. You should cover yourself by standing to the side of the door which it opens. When an enemy enters, he/she will turn around to close the door, and that’s when he/she sees you there. You will quickly attack them before they kill you.

If you’re about to come in the buildings, just make sure that you always check all the surroundings right after you enter. If you see a lot of loot, don’t jump to the conclusion that the building is secure.

If you want to demolish small huts and building that are very suspicious to have someone that has already set up a camp, just use grenades to do that!

You shouldn’t use Smoke grenades. Your position will be given away because of them, also the smoke will restore in a discrepant way for two players.

Aiming down sights (ADS) can be considered as more advantageous than hip fire. You should only count on shotguns and SMGs with hip fire.

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