Everything About Clothes and Map in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Game

Everything About Clothes and Map in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Game

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Clothes and map in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game are also very crucial to research on. You will know what kinds of cloth you can put on your character, and what effects they can give you. Also, checking out the in-game map will give you a better grasp of locations as well as places.

Everything About Clothes and Map in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Game


PUBG game features a lot of clothes for you to wear. You can use them to cover yourself in several tough environments.

The grey clothes will help you blend into the rocks easily, so put them on if you need. When you need to hide in the darkness, just feel free to use the dark clothes. You can’t get anything from the ballistic and gas masks. When you put on a ghillie suit, you will become invisible to the other players when you lay down. Some pro-streamers even attempt to take off the secondary weapon so that nobody can spot them.

Map – The Island

Everything About Clothes and Map in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Game

Researching on the in-game map will help you understand more about the places and locations, as well as what dangers that they could have. An advice for the beginners of PUBG game is that they are suggested to reach each zone a lot of times.

The map will display a grid. Around 100m will be the distance for all the small squares. 1000m, or 1km or 1 click will be for the big squares.

You can catch sight of many vehicles near the roads. They also have a possibility to appear in “town garages”. The boats will show up in the southern coastline.

If you see a lot of buildings in one place, that means they have a bunch of loot, and loot will surely draw the attention of the players. Hence, they are risky! You shouldn’t always go to the buildings when you see them.

Spawn Island

You will surely find and get more items if you come back to this location. Also, when you go here, you can find a boat. When you see it, just quickly and carefully loot it. This place is kind of far away, so no one tries to get here.

Northern Area

There are several places in this arena:

  • Zharki: This location is not noisy. It’s placed at the corner of the map. Be sure to get a boat or a certain vehicle if you want to get here.
  • Georgopol: This place is warm. You can find a lot of items here once attacking two or three apartments.
  • South Georgopol: It’s kind of dangerous, not safe for you.
  • Severny: It’s very tranquil.
  • Gun Range: You can get a gun.
  • Stalber: This place hasn’t been touched by anyone.
  • Yasnaya – Although it’s quite dangerous, it’s still a great place.

Middle Area

  • Water town (you can call it Venice, New Orleans or Atlantis): This is a good place, but it’s not noisy.
  • Ruins: You can find some gears at this place.
  • Gatka: It’s very tranquil
  • Rozhok: You can almost kill yourself when reaching this place.
  • Apartments: Similarly, this place can almost destroy yourself.
  • Pochinki: You’re very close to the self-destruction.
  • Villas: It can be a great beginner.
  • Bunkers: This place looks like a complex maze. It’s a high possibility for you to get lost.
  • Crater: This place is kind of adequate. But if there are some people on the upper cliffs, you will get defeated.
  • Mylta: Although it’s a good location, it’s still very dangerous.
  • Woodcutter camp: A lot of horrible drops there. Nobody would check it out.
  • Mylta Power: It’s a kind of fair place, but a little bit dangerous.
  • Lipovka: It’s so far away
  • Primorsk: This is a good place, so you need to get a boat.
  • Pier Town (Fish Town): This place is so great, but it’s somewhat tranquil.

South Area

  • Any of the Bridges: You may get a high chance to get defeated at this place. “Suicide bridge left” and “suicide bridge right” are the names of these bridges. Be sure to dodge them all, and use boats to escape these places.
  • Military Base: If you get to this place, you may destroy yourself easily.
  • Novorepnoye: This place contains a bunch of nice items, you should get a boat.
  • Nov Radio: This place has fair loots.


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