PUBG Survivor Pass Season 3: Wild Card

PUBG Survivor Pass Season 3: Wild Card

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Survivor Pass Season 3: Wild Card

Survivor Pass Season 3: Wild Card

Wild Card is the third Survivor Pass which is now available to explore, especially for those who love PUBG. It will come with some styles. It’s recommended to fulfill every objective and earn the best XP. Additionally, you do not forget to experience the most fashionable sets of outfits.

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Survivor Pass: Wild Card will present with a combination of many fantastic new cosmetic items and a spy film theme. That mixture will help every character drop into the map dressed to kill that they like most.

The Wild Card will be able to act up in the fascinating PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game in much the same method as the old parts, along with the major pass which is effective for you or other people to gain rewards without paying a penny. To those who love to get more prizes in PUBG such as cosmetic objects not existing before, they can completely buy the Premium Survivor Pass for $9.99. Once they finish that, they will be given the Floral Bomber Jacket immediately. Besides, they can approach a few additional gifts after they conclude premium quests.

Players in PUBG PC will be provided 10 weeks to end up as many passes as possible. If you are successful in leveling up, you will obtain rewards and coupons. Blue, Yellow, or White vouchers can be exchanged for the crate keys from the corresponding shop. In case you hope to skip ahead or add your present stage, it’s easy to choose the level packs and acquire one more time, instantly giving you the awards from those areas.


Aside from everything that the development team has done with the previous Survivor Passes in PUBG, they have also modified the difficulty of challenges and supplemented another series of thrilling jobs that engaged in your abilities with specific weapons. Fulfilling them when playing PUBG is helpful to open up a unique skin for that tool. Therefore, make sure you can conquer them if you are searching for a stylish way to perform your skills with the Tommy Gun with Beryl M762, S686, UMP45, or M16A4.

PUBG Survivor Pass: Wild Card is active now and will run until 7 PM (PDT) on June 4th. Attempts to win against assigned tasks to pile up XP, and dress to slay!

To see more details, please access Survivor Pass Microsite. Get back to PUBG and rush into the favorite match!

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