Survivor Pass for Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

Survivor Pass for Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

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PUBG Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card

PUBG Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card

Pick out the platform you want and embark on PUBG Survivor Pass Xbox, Wild Card now! It is also possible to run on Steam and PS4!

Complete Quests in PUBG Battle Pass

Before taking control of the top spot on the fantastic PUBG Survivor Points System, remember to defeat all of the assigned PUBG Challenge Missions and unlock weapons’ skins! Your jobs will be created in a special way so as to boost up your skills and help you earn enough XP Pass to obtain perks. With objectives reserved for the newbie after buying PUBG Premium Pass and the ones for each day or within a week will be planned reasonably, resulting in collecting XP and prizes will become easier than ever. Not only that, you will have more chances to pursue unique skins if you accomplish particular aims with various weapons.

Achieve rewards from PUBG Event Pass

Enjoy the PUBG Battle Pass you select you will be able to gain more than 60 exclusive items not existing before! Note that they can be acquired by leveling up in Survivor Pass! Are you willing to put on the most outstanding outfits and rush into combat where you can eliminate competitors? It is simple to pick out whichever you love from your closet. Indeed, you can turn into a gentlemanly spy in PUBG Survivor Pass Xbox with a tuxedo costume and a cocktail dress, impressing everybody with your wildness through Snow Leopard – M249 or opt for one of 20 distinctive skins of the armament after challenging tasks related to firearms.

Grow more powerful in PUBG Survivor Pass Xbox

Each time you step into the next stage within PUBG Event Pass, you will be rewarded.

With Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card, players will get amazing presents when their capability is advanced. You will have 10 weeks to end up Survivor Pass. In case you’d like to fulfill your match sooner, you can directly purchase packages 5, 20, or 39 levels from the shop of PUBG.

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