Strategy – The Mexican Stalemate in PUBG Game

Strategy – The Mexican Stalemate in PUBG Game

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Playing Playeruknown’s Battlegrounds game takes a lot of tactics and requires all players to employ them wisely during the combat if they really want to win. One of the most interesting strategies given to you is called the Mexican Stalemate which mostly focuses on silence and how to keep silent in the fight. Most of the players have claimed that whenever they decided to stay silent, they had a high possibility of winning the combat. Actually, staying silent as well as keeping your patience is a crucial element.

Situation of the Mexican Stalemate

Situation of the Mexican Stalemate

From the image above, there are three factors focused on the pic. Take an assumption that you are the guy above, and you’re staying at the back of a tree which is signified by the brown circle. The other two factors are two alive players in the area, and they are staying behind the tree too. You couldn’t spot or hear them at all. You are so oblivious about their current location. They could hide in the grass close to the trees they are standing at. Now, the zone is completely dead in the middle, but it’s clearly out in the open. With only 90 seconds, you must find out how to leave prior to the zone shuts in. You will be zoned out for sure and soak much damage. This case is so difficult, and you may fall into a stalemate state!

Now you can presume that all of the players are armed with the similar gear. They are also having the same details in terms of abilities, health, cover and stuff like that. The asymmetry is the only element that can create the benefit. Staying patient is very important, especially while the time is running out. Your opponent probably will start to do something that you can’t predict. If they do so, you may get an edge over them. When you are in this situation, you don’t have many actions, and you must count on what you have in your inventory.

Two selections for you in this case

You can probably assault them

Feel free to throw the grenades at the trees of those enemies if you have some in your inventory. But this will put you in a danger when it will expose your position, causing the enemies to spot you. After they get hit by the grenades, they will also reveal their positions. Try shooting at a tree, which risks giving away your position, then you can start to frighten others. He will surely counter your attacks, and by doing so, his position is exposed.

You can enter the zone fast

You are able to release the smokes at the very last minute, then approach the middle of the zone quickly. When you are in that zone, others will spot you there. The smoke will wear away soon, then you can expect to be shot out in the open.

Whichever options you do, your position will be exposed. Then, the other two enemies will surely concentrate on you after spotting your location.

Although the selections are not the best one, and they all have their own risks, you shouldn’t get worried much, because those are the options for your rivals too. You can take a guess, think carefully before picking the option.

Taking an assumption that you decide to wait, and one of the rest opponents will follow one option mentioned above. There will be one enemy firing the other one, and he counters the attack. Eventually, there will be one of them dying.

Two selections for you in this case

With the picture above, there are two cases for you.

The first case is that you only have one enemy left to destroy, also, you do know where he is, but he’s still oblivious to your location, and he doesn’t have many resources, along with a small amount of health. All over the place will be what he mostly focuses on, while the level of your concentration determined to the rival.

Also, there is another case for this too. This time, no one shoots at each other, but in the end, someone must fire the other. When you decide to engage in the last battle, make sure you cover yourself all the time.

Don’t expose your position, don’t give out too much details about you, especially your location, or else your rival will get an edge over you, and it will be a high chance for him to win.

To sum up, the best selection you are recommended to take is not to shoot at the enemies and attempt to cover yourself until the very end of the combat.

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