Best Emulator For PUBG Mobile on PC

Best Emulator For PUBG Mobile on PC

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is the most famous Battle Royale game on the Internet and it’s still getting more and more popular. The game has simply created a hot trend in gaming communities all over the world. It is the premise for the introduction of a series of battle royale games, and lots of players are still being crazy about it. Playing PUBG PC game is not difficult anymore, especially when there are several PC emulators that help players get access to it easily. You can totally go explore the PUBG Mobile PC Emulator on Steam which costs around 30$, but if you are looking for a free emulator, then quickly find out some best PUBG Mobile PC Emulators below here.

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5 Best PUBG Mobile Emulators

Tencent Gaming Buddy (Windows)

PUBG Mobile on PC

This is the official PUBG emulator created by Tencent. It gives players great controls with mouse and keyboard. The reason that Tencent has created this emulator is that they had received a lot of complaints from mobile users. With this kind of emulator, players can totally enjoy PUBG on their PCs without having any issues. Lots of gamers from across the world have used this one, so now grab your chance to explore it! Tencent Gaming Buddy allows you to customize the controls as well as settings easily, making it one of the best emulators for PUBG mobile.

Download Tencent Gaming Buddy

How to install Tencent Gaming Buddy

From the given link above, click to download the emulator.

  • Launch the “.exe” file and start running it.
  • The required file will be auto-downloaded to play PUBG on PC.
  • After that, you simply open the emulator and play the game.

No need to worry about the updates! You will see the updates from the PUBG automatically and feel free to download them without any issues.

Bluestacks (Windows And Mac)


Bluestacks is one of the most famous emulators for Android games. It can totally let you play with high graphics as well as stunning effects. You can use this emulator on low-end devices, but that doesn’t mean you won’t experience smooth controls.

There are millions of users using Bluestacks to play many famous games, such as Temple Run, Subway Surfers, and Clash of Clans. Now, it also supports PUBG Mobile, and you can use it rather than Tencent Gaming Buddy. The game will run smoothly and effectively without any issues thanks to Bluestacks.

Download Bluestacks

How to install Bluestacks

  1. Click the link above to download Bluestacks.
  2. Run then install The Open.
  3. Go to Play Store, log in to your Google Account.
  4. Type PUBG Mobile in the searching bar.
  5. Download then install PUBG Mobile.
  6. Launch the game and begin playing it.

Nox Player 6 (Windows And Mac)

Nox Player 6

Nox player 6 is regarded as one of the best PUBG Mobile Emulators made to play Android games and apps. Thanks to it, the PC can be converted into a secondary android device. Feel free to utilize many apps, like Facebook, Messenger, etc. Also, Nox Player 6 is capable of solving high FOS game without any issues.

The emulator supports keypad, gameplay, script, recording and other functions simultaneously. You can easily load downloadable apps as well as game outside of the play store effortlessly. You should check this emulator out for playing PUBG Mobile on your PC.

Download Nox Player

How to install Nox Player

  1. Click to download the emulator from the link above.
  2. The Play Store app can be seen on the main screen of Nox Player once downloaded.
  3. Use your Google Email and Password to login to the Google Play store.
  4. Download then install PUBG Mobile on your Nox Player then you can play it easily.

MEmu Player (Windows)

MEmu Player

MEmu Player is a famous emulator you shouldn’t ignore! Why is it that popular? Probably due to the broad features making it very awesome to play on a large screen, plus, thanks to this emulator, players will have easy and smooth controls when playing their games.

There are plenty of mapping features brought to you by MEmu and you can use them to customize for your needs in PUBG Mobile. In addition, it also allows high keyboard mapping customization.

Download MEmu Player

How to install MEmu Player

  1. You will begin download MEmu Player for Android then install it.
  2. Click on MEmu – Multiple Instance Manager.
  1. Then you click on Create and let the process be finished.
  2. Go to Play store, use your Google account to log in.
  3. Find PUBG Mobile and begin installing it.
  4. You will apply the necessary resolution then begin to enjoy the game.

Andy (Windows And Mac)


Andy is one of the best Emulators you should give a shot! It is kind of different than others mentioned above. This emulator connects Android and PC together, also, the date between the Google Account and Cloud will be synced by it, helping prevent the data from being lost. Feel free to control and utilize your mobile device as a mouse pad or joystick then go enjoy your PUBG game on a large screen.

Andy becomes much more smooth and wonderful to use thanks to its general experience as well as customize settings. Thanks to Andy, your PC and Mobile device will be easily connected together, making an awesome combination of the stunning virtual world.

Download Andy


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