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PUBG Console Update 5.3

Check out some major changes in PUBG Update 5.3 for Consoles! This is the final update of 2019 that has finally come to PS4/XBox One. When PUBG Season 5 begins to end, you will experience the last month ...
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PUBG Season 5 Released
PUBG Updates

PUBG Season 4 finally came to its conclusion, and now people can say hi to PUBG Season 5 for a new experience. There is a wide array of gameplay updates and features packed in this new season of ...
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Best Shotguns in PUBG
PUBG Weapons

With PUBG Shotgun Tips, you will definitely know how to make use of the shotguns in combat to get an edge over your opponents. Besides learning PUBG Guides on gameplay, it is also important to get access to ...
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Groza – A Supreme AR In PUBG
PUBG Weapons

Groza is the top AP in PUBG? Enjoy PUBG the game and you can explore a lot of matches with hundreds of thousands of opponents from around the world. Because it is based on the Battle Royale genre, ...
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PUBG Introducing: Survival Mastery
PUBG Guide

PUBG Announced Survival Mastery PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game will introduce the first elements of the progression system. They contribute to the presence of the mastery of survival alongside the evolution of armaments control. Actually, the PUBG Masters team was ...
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