Releasing Update 6.3 Full Patch Notes For PUBG Console With New Weapon Panzerfaust, Weapon Balance Changes, And Bug Fixes

Releasing Update 6.3 Full Patch Notes For PUBG Console With New Weapon Panzerfaust, Weapon Balance Changes, And Bug Fixes

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Your experience with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on PS4 and Xbox One will become much better with the latest update 6.3 full patch notes featuring various changes for weapon balance, many bug fixes to improve the gameplay, together with the new quality of life improvements and new content, especially the addition of a new weapon called Panzerfaust for Karakin map only. PUBG Season 6 has been started for a while. Ever since the start, the game has been receiving new patch notes to make it better. All details about PUBG Console Update 6.3 will be discussed below. You should have a look at them. But before exploring it, don’t forget to check out the schedules for the live maintenance and some additional fixes that were released on April 1.

Extra fixes for PUBG Console on April 14

Releasing Update 6.3 Full Patch Notes For PUBG Console With New Weapon Panzerfaust, Weapon Balance Changes, And Bug Fixes

Some issues already received some hot fixes and changes, including:

  • Both maps: Sanhok and Vikendi were added back to PUBG Console Team Deathmatch Mode.
  • Fixed a problem about Xbox players being incapable of finding PS4 players.
  • Fixed a problem in which a weapon in the second slot makes a move when the pin was being pulled out of a throwable.
  • Fixed a problem in which the skin of the motorcycle could not be seen in the level 100 “Speed Demon” Survival Mastery pose.
  • Fixed a problem about the shells of S686 and S1987 being shown wrongly while reloading if a skin has been utilized on the weapon.
  • Fixed a problem that hindered the players from inviting their friends to custom matches after pressing the invite button.
  • [Team Deathmatch] Fixed an issue that forced players to climb stairs in an abnormal way after respawning.
  • [Team Deathmatch] Made a solution to a problem that hindered the display of Equipment/Backpack icons on the UI.
  • [Team Deathmatch] Made a solution to a problem where the Blue Zone damage didn’t inflict damage on players that were standing up after crouching or going prone outside the playable area.

Live Maintenance Schedule

  • PDT: March 25 10:00PM – March 26 0:00 AM
  • CET: March 26 6:00AM – 8:00 AM

The live maintenance schedule can be changed anytime. An update will be made to inform you about the changes.

Note: There will be no Test Server update for PUBG Console Update 6.3

Detailed updates for PUBG Console 6.3

New Weapon: Panzerfaust

Releasing Update 6.3 Full Patch Notes For PUBG Console With New Weapon Panzerfaust, Weapon Balance Changes, And Bug Fixes  2

The weapon Panzerfaust is a new tool with strong AoE damage on the battlegrounds. It has been introduced in PUBG Season 6. Although it has strong AoE damage, you should think about using it because it has some disadvantages. To use it, you must have a primary weapon slot, which limits your options on different terrain of Karakin. You cannot use it to deal damage to the attentive players because they can dodge the projectiles even though the projectiles move at a fast speed. Another disadvantage is that it has a blackblast area behind it. You have to be careful and make sure there are no teammates around you before you shoot it away.

  • PUBG Panzerfaust is the new weapon that is available on Karakin map only.
  • It has been considered as an uncommon world spawn found across the map.
  • You can be sure to collect it in every airdrop.
  • When the collision happens, the warhead of the Panzerfaust will explode. I can also be blown up mid-air as well.
    • The damage radius is accurately 6m from the point of collision.
    • The weapon’s explosion can inflict splash damage through thin walls and objects, and it depends on a short distance.
    • You can take advantage of this explosion to crack some specific walls on Karakn map, which is similar to the Sticky Bomb.
    • The warhead of Panzerfaust will explode mid-air before the collision, if it takes damage from the explosion or gets shot by a bullet.
  • Panzerfaust can be utilized once only.
    • Once you have shot the warhead, its tube will be discarded, which means you cannot pick it up again.
  • A blackblast will be made once the warhead is shot. You must be careful when using it!
    • Make sure nobody, especially your teammates, are within a 3m zone behind the weapon, otherwise, they will take damage from the blackblast.
    • Besides teammates, you should ensure that no walls are too close behind you when you shoot the warhead of the Panzerfaust.
  • Zeroing options have set values, including 60, 100 (default) and 150 meters.

Weapon Balance Changes

Releasing Update 6.3 Full Patch Notes For PUBG Console With New Weapon Panzerfaust, Weapon Balance Changes, And Bug Fixes  3

Some weapon balance changes have been added to the latest update 6.3 for PUBG Console to make the weapons more useful and powerful. Namely, the Tommy Gun has been buffed when it is now equipped with a sight slot for red dots and holos, together with the upping damage. About the M249, it is not accessible in the Care Packages anymore, but appears as a common loot on the ground with a little damage and a bit more recoil. About the UMP-45, it has received a nerf a little too hard with the change from 9mm. Now, let’s take a look at the details about the balance changes for all these PUBG weapons.

Tommy Gun

  • Tommy Gun has become stronger and more flexible after the update. You are allowed to add Red Dots and Holos to the Tommy now.
    • With an upper rail added, attaching Red Dot and Holo Sights will be much easier.
    • The shooting rate has been upgraded from 700 to 750.
    • The shooting accuracy has been developed as well.
      • The bullet deviation penalty was lessened when the player shoots for an additional amount of time.
    • The moving accuracy has been increased.
    • The recoil has been lessened when the player shoots for an additional amount of time.
      • Because of the rate of shooting that has been grown.


  • The M249 will not be carried in the Care Packages anymore. To get it, you should search for it on all PUBG maps because it becomes a semi-rare loot now. M249 can be equipped with some more attachments. But it will not be easy for you to control and you cannot dish out much damage when using this weapon.
    • Stock attachment slot has been included for this weapon.
      • When you attach a Tactical Stock, the weapon stability becomes much better.
    • Magazine attachment slot has been included for this weapon.
      • Lessened the standard ammo capacity to 75.
      • If you use an extended mag, the gun can hold 150.
    • Lessened the base bullet damage from 45 to 40.
    • Lessened the recoil.
    • You can find and pick up PUBG M249 on all PUBG maps.
    • The weapon is now a semi-rare loot.


  • Already upgraded and strengthened PUBG UMP-45 across the board. The gun now becomes a possible choice for your arsenal thanks to this update.
    • Lessened the base bullet damage from 39 to 41.
    • Developed the rate of shooting from 650 to 660.
    • Developed the muzzle velocity from 300 to 360.
      • Thanks to this, the speed at which bullets move away from the barrel is increased, making it easier a bit to track the moving targets.


  • You cannot pick up DBS shotgun from Care Packages anymore.
  • To find this weapon, you can move around on all PUBG maps and pick it up as rare ground loot.

Dev Note: From the community feedback, the developers decided to change some of the first plans. There was an adjustment made to the M249 and now it is a rare ground loot that players can find on all maps. DBS got the same update as M249 and more than that, it has been discard from Care Packages.

Aside from the balance changes for PUBG weapons, the M249 and Tommy Gun models with shooting sounds also received an update.

Console QOL: 1st Controller improvement’ on Preset A

  • On PresetA, when Aim/ADS is being held, it will still be kept like that even though you are performing an action, such as falling, jumping, crouching, or going prone.
    • For example, when you move while you are holding ADS, you will get down the hill or under the building:
      • Before that, you will release the ADS button then hold it again.
      • After that, keep holding your ADS even though you have done falling.

Dev Note: Thanks to some feedback of players on PresetA after the PUBG Console 5.2 update of ‘Console QOL: 1st Controller improvement’, the development team decided to bring this into PresetA. They want to thank all the players that have used the update features, and they hope their gaming experience will become much better with this deployment.

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Upgraded the glowing effect and added a new pulse effect to better the visibility of nearby items on the ground.
  • Players can toggle the new pulse effect and disable it if they want. The pulse effect will be displayed as the “Item Flashing Effect” under Gameplay settings.
  • [Team Deathmatch] When you take part in combat, like shooting a weapon, throwing a grenade, etc., you will not have invincibility anymore.
  • [Team Deathmatch] With Rich Presence, your Xbox friends will know when you are fragging in TDM.
Releasing Update 6.3 Full Patch Notes For PUBG Console With New Weapon Panzerfaust, Weapon Balance Changes, And Bug Fixes  4


  • Sticky Bomb now has an extra ringtone.
  • The humming sound with low volume can be emitted and you will hear it when you are within 10-15m from Blue Zone.
  • Thanks to this, you will know when the Blue Zone is approaching.

Survivor Pass: Shakedown

  • Players can take on Survivor Pass missions with an explosive theme.
  • On April 24 PDT 2 AM and April 24 CEST 11 AM, the season of both Survivor Pass and Survival Title System will come to an end.
    • A countdown will be displayed on the Survivor Pass lobby banner for the last two weeks before the ending of the pass to notify the players that the pass end date.
    • If you are a Premium Pass holder, you will see a pop-up message that tells you the time left until the pass ends.
  • Premium Pass and Level-up items can be purchased until the pass ends.
  • The result page will be visible from April 24 PDT 2 AM / April 24 CEST 11 AM until maintenance on April 28.

Dev Note: Due to the previous mission unlocking issue, the end date of the Survivor Pass has been extended three more days.

Custom Match

  • In Custom Matches, you can choose to play on the Karakin map.
  • Attached Esports mode presets.
    • Default preset
      • Usual BR settings with Esports vehicle spawns.
    • 2020 Global Rule settings
      • You will see more details and information on the PUBG 2020 Esports. Available with English version only.
    • The classic Erangel Map cannot be accessed in the custom match.
    • ‘KillerSpectateMode’ is permitted for Normal Mode and Esports Mode custom matches from now.

Other changes

  • Sticky Bombs can be searched in Training Mode.
  • Due to the frequent game crashes on PUBG Miramar, the map is no longer available in regular matchmaking temporarily.

Bug Fixes


  • Made a solution to the problem with the area of the teammate’s character that had no synchronization with the display of the spectator in some cases.
  • Made a solution to the problem with the sound of a gun when it was shot, which caused it to be muffled when observing.
  • Made a solution to the problem where the weapons could clip with a player when using Victory dance 14 emote.
  • Made a solution to the problem that caused players to be unable to complete “Earn a kill with a sticky bomb” missions when using a sticky bomb to kill a DBNO player.
  • Made a solution to the problem when a character could use a bandage when they didn’t holster their weapon.
  • Made a solution to the problem where the wrong cinematic trailer is visible for the second community mission reward.


  • Fixed an issue in which the “Round 3” message continued being displayed and the round didn’t start in Team Deathmatch.
  • Fixed an issue in which the name of Victory dance 12 emote was not displayed accurately.


  • Fixed an issue in which Team voice chat didn’t work when the player came back to the lobby after going into the Xbox app setting screen after joining the party in the lobby.

Skin & Item

  • Fixed an issue in which the waist of the character that was wearing PlayerUnknown’s trench coat clips with the coat.
  • Fixed an issue in which all the glasses and mask items were nit visible when a player was wearing the Golden Dragon Traditional Cap.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Killer Clown” costume clipped with some weapons and hindered the sight of players while they were ADSing.


  • Fixed an issue in which the sounds of BlackZone siren and explosion were too loud.

PUBG Console Survivor Pass Mission

  • Fixed an issue in which players were not able to complete the mission “Reach top 10 after earning a kill with QBZ/AKM” in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue in which the mission list in the game was not visible in public matches after playing matches in game modes that don’t count towards the survivor pass missions.
  • Fixed an issue in which the “Explosive” mission list is visible in a strange way and cannot be completed.

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