PUBG PC Update 6.3 – Patch Notes Features A New Weapon Panzerfaust, Bug Fixes, and More Improvements

PUBG PC Update 6.3 – Patch Notes Features A New Weapon Panzerfaust, Bug Fixes, and More Improvements

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Keep calm and continue checking out PUBG PC Update 6.3 with full patch notes. There are awesome things to explore in this latest PUBG Patch Notes, including the release of a new weapon called Panzerfaust on to Karakin map, a rebalance made to some weapons, even including the one that you have previously found in Care Packages, together with bug fixes as well as improvements. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds PC has gone through many stages with diverse updates. With the latest update 6.3 for PUBG PC, it now becomes much more entertaining and interesting to play. Before diving into the new patch notes, don’t forget to check out some additional updates released one by one on April 9, April 1, March 25, and March 13. 

PUBG PC Update April 9

Here’s an extra update that has been carried out in PUBG PC:

  • Strongly decreased instances of hitching throughout gameplay. More optimizations will be made by the development team when possible.
  • Made a fix to a problem in which players would be able to clip through walls or ceilings of buildings by utilizing vaulting and ledge-grab.
  • Already addressed most instances of this exploit even though the use of this can still be carried out in some uncommon situations. More extra fixes on this will be made.
  • The blood effect changes that were carried out in PUBG PC Update 5.3 have been reverted.

PUBG PC Update April 1

A new extra update made to mend these issues below:

  • Made a fix to a problem with Win94 kills that were recorded as DBS in Mastery.
  • Made an improvement to backend network data logging to help make the connection quality much better.
  • Made some changes to reduce instances of game crashes

PUBG PC Update March 25

Here’s an extra update made to mend some issues as described below:

  • ADS view that was blocked with some weapons.
  • Players could not open the mission list in some situations.
  • Fixed an issue about visual with “Victory Dance 14” emote.
  • PUBG Panzerfaust warhead would not blow up when being shot mid-air.
  • PUBG DBS and PUBG M249 appeared on the Karakin map without ammunition.
  • Players could not finish Panzerfaust missions that completing DBNO enemies or slay backblasted enemies.
  • Players could not finish Sticky Bomb missions if the enemy was DBNO.
  • The weapon would stay in the hand of the character when using the bandage.
  • ‘Equip C4’ was shown under key bindings.

PUBG PC Update March 13

After collecting some feedback from the community, the developers made a decision on changing some of their first plans. PUBG M249 ;will be accessible on all PUBG maps ;as rare ground loot, as will the DBS that has also been eliminated from Care Packages.

Full patch notes update for PUBG PC 6.3

New Weapon: Panzerfaust

New Weapon: Panzerfaust

The new weapon Panzerfaust has been added to PUBG Season 5 from the beginning. Although this weapon is known as a strong AoE damage tool on the Battlegrounds, there are some disadvantages for you to pick up this Panzerfaust. First, it needs a primary weapon slot, which restricts your options on the different terrain of the Karakin map. The projectiles move at a fast speed, but if someone pays attention to it, they can avoid easily. Also, there is a blackblast area right behind the Panzerfaust, so you need to be careful for the squadmates before you shoot it away.


  • Only available on the Karakin map.
  • Rare world spawn found throughout the map.
  • Guaranteed to be stored in every airdrop.
  • When impact, the PUBG Panzerfaust warhead blows up, but it can also be exploded mid-air.
    • The damage radius is exactly 6m from the point of collision.
    • The explosion can dish out splash damage through thin walls and objects, depending on a short distance.
    • Players can use Panzerfaust to breach particular walls on Karakin, which is much the same as the Sticky Bomb.
    • The warhead of the weapon will blow up mid-air, before the collision if it takes damage from the explosions or is being shot by a bullet.
  • You can use this weapon one time only.
    • As soon as the warhead of the weapon is hot, the Panzerfaust tube will be thrown away, and you cannot pick it up again.
  • A blackblast will be made when you shoot the warhead, so you must be careful when shooting it.
    • Anyone within a 3m zone behind the weapon will take damage from the blackblast. You have to stay watchful when you don’t have any teammates or when a wall is too close behind you.
  • Zeroing options are set at 60, 100 (default) and 150 meters.

Weapon Balance Changes

New Weapon: Panzerfaust2

The end of thisseason is about to come, so the development team of PUBG PC decided to do a little balance shuffle on a few weapons. Because the Tommy Gun has become weak for a while, they decided to add a sight slot for red dots and holos and upping damage. About PUBG M249, it now becomes normal loot rather than an item in Care Packages, however, it also reduces a little damage and get a bit more recoil. PUBG UMP-45 got nerfed a little too hard with the change from 9mm. Now, let’s have a look at all the changes for weapon balance in PUBG PC.

Tommy Gun

Tommy Gun in PUBG game now becomes much stronger and more flexible. Tommy Gun now accepts some attachments, like Red Dots and Holos.

  • An upper rail has been added in order to attach Red Dot and Holo Sights.
  • The rate of fire was grown from 700 to 750.
  • The firing accuracy was also grown.
    • But the bullet deviation penalty was decreased when shooting for an extended duration.
  • The moving accuracy was grown.
  • The recoil was reduced when shooting for an extended duration.
    • This is because of the grown rate of fire.


M249 is no longer found in Care Packages! Now, you can loot this weapon on all PUBG maps. The gun now accepts more attachments but has become much harder to control and dishes out less damage.

  • Stock attachment slot has been added.
    • You can equip a Tactical Stock to upgrade the weapon stability.
  • The Magazine attachment slot has been added.
    • The standard ammo capacity was decreased to 75.
    • Now, it can store 150 with an extended mag.
  • The base bullet damage was reduced from 45 to 40.
  • The recoil was grown.
  • You can find it on all maps.
  • It has become a semi-rare spawn.


PUBG UMP-45 has been powered up across the board, which makes this weapon a more viable and good choice for your arsenal.

  • The base bullet damage was developed from 39 to 41.
  • The rate of fire was grown from 650 to 670.
  • The muzzle velocity was grown from 300 to 360.
    • This means there is also an increase to the speed at which bullets go away from the barrel, which makes it a little bit easier to follow the moving targets.
  • Together with these changes for the weapon balance, there is also an update made to the M249 and Tommy Gun models and shooting sounds. ;


  • DBS is no longer found from Care Packages.
  • Now, you can find it on all PUBG maps as rare ground loot.

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Made an improvement to the visibility of nearby items on the ground by upgrading the glowing effect and attaching a new pulse effect.
    • Players can disable this new pulse effect and it is displayed as “Item Flashing Effect” under Gameplay settings.
  • An electric static sound has been added to the Blue Zone wall that gives an audible queue to players when the Blue Zone is near.
  • “Push to Talk” is a feature that can be used in the main menu lobby now.
  • In PUBG Team Deathmatch,
    • Rich Presence was added to let your friends on Discord and Steam know when you are fragging in TDM
    • When you take part in combat (shooting a weapon, throwing a grenade, etc.), the invincibility will be eliminated immediately.
    • Hotkey for player reports is now disabled for 1 second after death to stop accidental activation.


  • Made an optimization to some improvements that have been used to decrease instances of FPS stuttering (hitching) on certain hardware configurations.
    • The developers will observe the effectiveness of this change and will keep working on extra performance optimization.

Bug Fixes

Made fixes to some issues as described below:

  • The location of the character of the team was not synchronized with the display of the observer in some cases.
  • The texture of the map was shown in poor quality.
  • The “Round 3” message was continuously shown and the round didn’t start in PUBG Team Deathmatch.
  • The name of Victory dance 12 emote was not shown appropriately.
  • Made a fix to the visual misalignment on the Blue Zone UI.
  • Made a fix to the visual problem with the background of the vehicle durability UI.
  • Made a fix about the PLAYERUNKNOW’S Trench Coat clipping through the character.
  • All of the glasses and mask items were not shown when the Golden Dragon Traditional Cap was equipped.
  • Made a fix to an issue in which the titles of all Keys weren’t shown accurately in store and inventory.
  • Made a fix to an issue when players could not finish the mission “Reach top 10 after earning a kill with QBZ/AKM” in some cases.
  • Made a fix to an issue about a 4x reticle that was not shown right when using the DP-28.
  • Made a fix to an issue when the uncommon Blue Zone sound was played in spectator mode.
  • Made a fix to an issue when reloading interaction sounds were heard strangely in FPP and TPP views.
  • Made a fix to an issue when players could not turn on the invite friends option in custom matches.
  • Fixed a bug when the players could use freelook to obtain an advantageous view after dying.
  • Fixed a bug when Sticky Bomb blinked red before being thrown.
  • Fixed inappropriate crossbow animations in some situations.

Other different changes

  • Now, you can find Sticky Bombs in Training Mode.
  • An extra ringtone has been added to the Sticky Bomb.
  • You can adjust the DBS spawns in custom matches.

Updates for PUBG Survivor Pass: Shakedown

  • Already unlocked the third track of PUBG Survivor Pass missions. The new missions come with an explosive theme.
  • The existing season of both Survivor Pass and Survival Title System will come to an end on April 14 PDT.
    • A countdown will take place on the Survivor Pass lobby banner to inform the players about the pass end date, which starts from April 1st (KST) / March 31st (PDT).
    • Players who bought Premium Pass will see a pop-up message, which tells them about the time left until the end of the pass.
  • You can buy Premium Pass and Level-up items until the end of the Pass period.

Skin & Items

  • Added 4 new Badlands skin sets that are available until April 15th.

Custom Match

  • You can get access to the Karakin map in Custom Matches from now.
  • Made an update to Esports Mode preset.
    • The 2020 Global Esports Ruleset is now used as an alternative to the former 2019 preset
    • The settings for Blue Zone are the same as in 2019. Nevertheless, there was a change made to the rates of the item spawn to comply with the ruleset of every map.
    • This preset utilizes the S.U.P.E.R ruleset (Official Esports Ruleset)
  • Added inner Blue Zone option.
    • With this, you can have new custom game experiences that are the same as the Bluehole mode that has been tested in LABS.
  • The custom match presets have been organized and now feature some new ones.
    • Added ‘The First Weapon for Your Chicken Dinner’ preset
      • Enter the match with a random weapon set and fight to your glory. There will be no weapons spawned in the world, even though you can collect some from the player death boxes.
  • [PUBG Partners] added Motor Glider and Sticky Bomb to Sandbox mode.
  • Known Issue: You cannot find any Snowmobiles and Snowbikes on the Vikendi map.
    • There will be a solution to this issue in the next patch.

Note: You cannot get access to replays from the former updates because the replay system has been updated.

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