PUBG: How To Use Moto Glider To Loot

PUBG: How To Use Moto Glider To Loot

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Tricks to successfully loot airdrops in PUBG with Moto Glider

It’s pleased to show you the top way that players in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds can choose when they want to occupy the airdrops before rivals by using the Moto Glider!

About PUBG Moto Glider

PUBG Moto Glider is a type of flying vehicle released initially. Actually, it can help you explore the sky as your preference without difficulty.

Moto Glider early appeared on two maps Erangel and Miramar. There was a smart player who selected it to rob loots right in front of his opponent who had fired the PUBG Flare Gun.

Specifically, he controlled his Moto Glider and followed the target when it was being dropped. It was aimed at by somebody first. However, the crate quickly belonged to the one who moved with the Moto Glider because he was faster.

According to the clip that was revealed in the latest PUBG news, he approached and crashed into that big box so it could change the direction and he caused the rival to miss that power-up. After the collision, you can see a black trail. Luckily, he promptly landed before it exploded. He looted the objects inside after throwing 3 smoke grenades.

PUBG Moto Glider
PUBG Moto Glider
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Advantages of how to deploy PUBG Moto Glider to loot in the mid-air

It is a risky tactic when the Moto Glider can blow up within PUBG PC after you hit the crate. Although it is very dangerous, you can steal valuable stuff.

Mechanism of operation of Glider in PUBG

Mechanism of operation of Glider in PUBG
Mechanism of operation of Glider in PUBG

PUBG PC or Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds PS4 is a great survival Battle Royale style game. It’s necessary to master how to drive means. They will support you in various cases. Do not skip their mechanism, especially of Moto Glider!

  • As in PUBG Mobile, a Moto Glider will offer two seats, one for the pilot and one for the passenger. If you sit behind, you can shoot or utilize any weapons. 
  • They will pop up around the playfield.
  • To take off, you should gain enough speed. To fly up, please strike the S key.
  • The ratio of fuel consumption will depend on the speed of the engine.
  • There is no height limit you can reach. The power of the engine will be reduced as you fly higher.
  • W or S will be used to manage the altitude, A or D to glide
  • Left Shift or Left Ctrl to interact with fuel
  • Space on the ground to brake

Now, it’s easier to see how to loot PUBG airdrops with Moto Glider. If you’d like to learn much more about looting, do not ignore the newest PUBG guides! Besides, some of them can be located in breaking news. Enjoy it!

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