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PUBG Consoles: Introducing ‘Featured Map’
Pubg PC PUBG Updates
PUBG Console version is going to experience some upcoming fixes that were done for some critical issues that players have been experiencing while playing. If you usually play ...
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Support The Top Pros
The PUBG Team has earned their tickets to London and will get ready to establish the FACEIT Global Summit as well as turn it into the most challenging tournament yet in PUBG Esports. ...
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An Update From The PUBG Team, Feb. 15
PUBG News PUBG Updates
[php slug=”ads-con-img”] There were a lot of Vikendi performance issues that players have been experiencing in PUBG game, and the PUBG team wanted to release an update on ...
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Matchmaking Improvements in PUBG
PUBG Live Servers PUBG Updates
[php slug=”ads-con-img”] An update has just been launched to live servers in PUBG game with awesome improvements to matchmaking based on the matchmaking analysis done by the dev team and ...
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Setup, Game Modes and Basic Controls in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Game
PUBG Guide
Learning about one time setup, game modes and basic controls in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game is very important too. So take a chance to explore these sections so that ...