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PUBG Xbox And PUBG PS4: What Are The Differences Between Them?
PUBG Xbox and PUBG PS4 have attracted gamers from all over the world. Besides playing the PC and Mobile versions, Console users can now experience this famous battle ...
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New PUBG Streamer Skins Added to Store
Announcements PUBG PS4 PUBG Xbox
PUBG Streamer Skins in the Store Play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game in style with other PUBG streamer skins! Since the June 27 update was released, they have existed in ...
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PUBG Weapon Mastery for PC
PUBG News PUBG Updates
PUBG Weapon Mastery for PC PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a popular survival horror Battle Royale game which made $920 Million in 2018, 85 percent of earnings from PC. Developers ...
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PUBG Consoles: Introducing ‘Featured Map’
Pubg PC PUBG Updates
PUBG Console version is going to experience some upcoming fixes that were done for some critical issues that players have been experiencing while playing. If you usually play ...
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PUBG Update Xbox One
PUBG Consoles (Xbox One/PS4) releases another update to all PUBG players, and it will be officially launched on March 5. If you are a user of one of these console platforms, ...
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