PUBG Updates

PUBG Updates

PUBG Season 5 Released
PUBG Updates

PUBG Season 4 finally came to its conclusion, and now people can say hi to PUBG Season 5 for a new experience. There is a wide array of ...
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Full Patch Notes Update 4.3 For PUBG Console
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It must be great to learn that PUBG Console Update 4.3 is being rolled out on the test servers. If you are a huge fan of PUBG game ...
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PUBG Console Update 4.2
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PUBG Console Update 4.2 is out! Prior to taking a look at the PUBG Console update today, just make sure you read the major announcement from a part ...
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PUBG PC Update 4.2 Available!
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PUBG PC Update 4.2 Live! In the second PUBG PC update related to the season, developers have added dynamic weather conditions to the Erangel island. Meanwhile, Season 4 ...
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PUBG Weapon Mastery for PC
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PUBG Weapon Mastery for PC PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a popular survival horror Battle Royale game which made $920 Million in 2018, 85 percent of earnings from PC. Developers ...
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PUBG Consoles: Introducing ‘Featured Map’
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PUBG Console version is going to experience some upcoming fixes that were done for some critical issues that players have been experiencing while playing. If you usually play ...
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PUBG Update #29
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The latest update of the famous survival game – PUBG is finally out. PUBG Update 29 promises to bring more changes and new things to all the fans. ...
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PUBG Dev Letter: Patch 27
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Patch 27 with gameplay balance for PUBG PC Patch # 27 of PUBG pc game download was kicked off on the Test Server. It contains many differences such ...
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PUBG Update #28
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What can you expect from PUBG Update #28? You should be excited about this latest update in PUBG game as it contains amazing new contents with wonderful features ...
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Weapon Mastery in PUBG
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The PUBG’s Weapon Mastery team made arrival on Reddit’s /r/PUBATTLEGROUNDS subreddit on April 22 for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) about the brand new progression system developed by ...
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