New PUBG Streamer Skins Added to Store

New PUBG Streamer Skins Added to Store

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PUBG Streamer Skins in the Store

Play PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game in style with other PUBG streamer skins! Since the June 27 update was released, they have existed in the shop.

There are some skins are gettable in working with a few popular Chinese PUBG streamers. To add whichever to your cart or put anything on your player body, you should open the door. Step into that area to select and purchase favorite suits. You must prepare enough money. It is possible to buy XDD, XingHun, manson, and chengzi, so on. The following details will show you how to gather them.

Currently, more PUBG streamer skins are on the way. They will soon appear in your playfield. Besides, more cosmetics are being completed. Especially, you can enrich your collection by spending BP or G-Coins in July. Try to catch up with the latest news!


XDDs Crate
  • XDD’s Crate: 1,500 G-Coin
  • XDD’s Hoodie
  • XDD’s Pants
  • XDD’s Kar98k: 500 G-Coin


XingHun's Crate
  • XingHun’s Crate: 1,500 G-Coin
  • XingHun’s Hoodie
  • XingHun’s Pants
  • XingHun’s AKM: 500 G-Coin


Manson's Crate
  • manson’s Crate: 1,500 G-Coin
  • manson’s Hoodie
  • manson’s Pants
  • manson’s Kar98k: 500 G-Coin


Chengzi's Crate
  • chengzi’s Crate: 1,500 G-Coin
  • chengzi’s Hoodie
  • chengzi’s Pants
  • chengzi’s M416: 500 G-Coin

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